Business open and shooting again since June.

Been shooting with lovely clients these last few weeks -all going well :)

New Client Bookings:

If you have been thinking about booking, just to let you know I have been taking bookings normally all through the lockdown, so I don't have a lot of availability in July /August- I have more space in Sept/Oct, so ideally please book a slot NOW, while I still have a few slots left as I normally get booked up 2-3 months in advance.

Once you have made a booking we can always just move your slot later, if we need to (I am waiving the cancellation fee for the moment with regards to Corona Virus) - that's not a problem. It is more important to actually secure a session, in order to avoid disappointment.

Social Distancing/Shooting Process:

We will observe whatever government guidance is being issued at the time, to ensure everyone's safety. 

My studio has plenty of room for social distancing and a private sink/kitchen area for lots of hand washing. 

I am managing to shoot clients without touching them. A miracle for me as I am normally all over hair/make up and styling! But don't worry you will still receive the same guidance and advice - I will just tell you what to do instead! All will be fine :)

However if you would like me to make tweaks to hair and make up I have a big box of glam rubber gloves to dip in to - to keep us safe :)

I am a hugger. It will hurt me not to. We will have a massive hug fest at your next update session to make up for it! 

Existing Client Bookings:

Finally THANK YOU to all my lovely clients, all of whom have rescheduled, rather than cancelled during this difficult time. It is very much appreciated.

Thanks again Alexa xxx

Photos below of the "new normal" in the studio. Shooting with fab singer Scotia Rollins from the band JunkBaby.

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