The Creative Session

3 hrs - 4 images

from £575

*under 16s £500

The Creative shoot for the diva in you or when the standard 2hr session just isn’t enough.

This longer session allows us to shoot a few variations of headshots, 3/4 and full length shots and then to get creative or if you have headshots you already love, we can jump straight to creative – totally up to you. Ideally, we are aiming to create PR type images with an editorial feel, suggesting a level of industry success and that could be used for publicity etc. 

If you find yourself craving images that lean more towards your future famous self in a magazine then, this shoot will suit you perfectly.  If you are a non-performer and just want lots of time to get some glorious shots of yourself, this is the perfect pamper me session.

Session Info


Standard Session

2 hrs - 3 images


*under 16s £380

The most popular session with enough time to allow us to capture a range of looks and emotions. Cups of tea and cookies obligatory with this one for a nice relaxed pace.

Using various lighting/changes of top/re working hair and make-up to get lots of variety. This is the ideal shoot for most headshot requirements.

Also perfect if you are quite nervous and need a bit longer to relax etc.

If you are a non-performer and want shots for PR/general businesses purposes or just some amazing headshots of yourself for any reason this is perfect.

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Short Session

1 hr - 2 images


*under 16s £260

Suitable for confident sitters, when you just want a “refresher” or 1 or 2 looks.

If you are very nervous and need longer to relax or want a wider range of styles/looks or if men want to shave halfway through, this session is not long enough, so please book the standard session to allow us adequate time.

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Spotlight Recommended and
Preferred Photographer for London's leading Theatrical Agencies.

Extra Digital Images: ( £60 each if ordered after viewing period)

Discounted prices if ordered within viewing period: 1 image £50, 2-5 images £40 each, 6 or more images £35 each 

(Special discounts on larger orders)

48hr Quick Turnaround £50 

Make-up Artist ( who would also do hair ) only available on the 4hr sessions:

From £150

(If you want to book a Make-up Artist for a 2hr session please contact me to book an extra hours studio time )

Extra Studio Time: £100 per hour

Location shoots and shoots requiring alternative studio by special arrangement/extra fees may be charged etc.

Please contact me for a quote for any other type of shoot:

*Children ( under 16's ) to be accompanied by a parent/responsible adult.

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