When a Headshot Session is muddled...

When I was acting my headshot sessions generally went like this: the photographer would introduce themselves, ask me what I wanted, what I was going to wear and then we would start shooting.

I didn’t know what I wanted.
I didn’t know so I took clothes I already had.
I didn’t know who I was as an actor
I just didn't know.

When a Headshot Session is clear...

This is Branding.
Casting is Shopping.
You are the Product.
That’s it.

Walking into a shoot not really knowing who you are as an actor is like going to a branding meeting with an advertising agency to launch your amazing product but not really knowing what your product is. Well, you wouldn’t, would you?

But don't worry -  you not knowing is completely normal and very common!

Ironically, its only years later through being on the other side of the camera and getting feedback from agents and casting directors, that I now really understand how casting works and just how FAST the initial process is. I didn’t benefit from this knowledge when I was acting but you can.

How to make a Casting Director love you. 

Make their life easy.
Don’t confuse them.
Give them clear, strong imagery - that makes you look serious about your career.
Show some gentle range, avoiding cliché and limiting shots.

Maintain the same imagery throughout their journey through your Spotlight profile, including videos and subsequent self-tapes (more about that at the session).

What I am not.

I do not brag that I shoot 1000’s of people a year. In contrast, I have a bespoke approach and am proud to give a unique, customised experience to fewer clients, so you get return on investment ( i.e. you get shots that book you jobs.) I focus exclusively on you. 

I do not run a factory style business using several photographers, with varying consistency. You book me. You get me.. And my individual aesthetic.

I do not give you what you may WANT to the detriment of what you actually NEED ( i.e. book you jobs). I find out what you and your agent require - it will be different if you are fresh out of drama school or if you have a major series coming out.

I do not give cookie cutter results. This is your unique tailored branding session and your shots will reflect this.

The Session.

As an industry leader and specialist at shooting casting range, I know how to deliver on a brief, resulting in powerful imagery tailored to who you are as an actor, which will quickly connect on a subconscious level with a casting director. This involves some work for both of us before we get to the session. So, before you arrive, you will have received a very thorough Welcome Pack, explaining the necessary prep you need to do.

When you arrive at the session, I will have already studied your Spotlight profile and watched your showreels etc. I will also have stalked you a bit on Social Media, to see if your professional and personal image match. Strangely, sometimes the person on Instagram is full of life and attitude but on Spotlight their image falls flat. This is really useful information for me and is an easy fix - we want your professional image to truly reflect you accurately.

If, after talking to your agent things are still unclear about what shots you need, or you are new to acting ( and are bewildered by everything you have just read! ) don’t worry, I will guide you through the whole process from planning your shots, to styling and hair, through to final selections and how to use Spotlight in the best way possible. 

I provide guidance on best images with your initial galleries and continue this communication with you ( if you need/want it ) throughout the entire process. If it takes twenty emails back and forth to get to the final choices, to ensure you go away into the casting world with the best images for your needs and don't have to revisit the shots in future because you may have missed something, then so be it.

I love to work closely with you to find out who you are and where you want to be. We then design the shots to help you get there. Most importantly you will have my time, not only in the session but throughout the image selection process and I am honoured to say that clients still choose to keep in touch in the future too. 

NOTHING gives me a greater kick than hearing our shots helped open the door. 

If you are struggling to know how to wade through the seemingly complicated casting process or how to use Spotlight to show your brand quickly and accurately, in order to be shortlisted, then listen below...

From maintaining image consistency throughout the whole casting process, to understanding what the viewer thinks and feels when they see an image, I talk at length about headshots. 


If you prefer to listen, see below for the podcast on Spotify.

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