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Wow!!! I love them so so much!Thank you again for everything you were amazing and I had so much fun! So the advice you sent us has been SO helpful!!…thanks as always for all of your help you're a star x Lynn and Rachel Barrett 

 Warning!!!! 🚩🧿🚩 Not for people who can't feel good about other people's positive achievements 🚩🚩🧿🧿 🧿🧿🧿🧿 I am absolutely THRILLED to bits with my creative session with the amazingly great photographer AP Wilding 😍🤩😍💖🧿🧿🧿🧿 🧿🧿🧿 So much thanks for this super talented lady, (Oh yeah, I am pretty good too, check me out ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️ 😁😊🥳) 🧿🧿🧿🧿 Thanks forever Alexa!!!! 🥰💖🥰😊💖🥰💖💖💖💖💖💕💖💕💖💖💕 Francesca Fraser , Actor 

Yet again AP Wilding nails it. There’s no-one I trust more to take pictures of my face! Collaborating with Alexa is always a pleasure and what a way to be heading into the rest of 2024.🌟🌟🌟
Always absolutely love working with you!! Already starting to see those castings coming in!👀
Isla Hughes, Actor 

Thank you A P Wilding. I LOVE my new headshots…you were a joy.  Louise Elliker, Actor 

New final headshots. Thanks 🙏🏼 so much to @apwildingphotography 📸 for being the superstar that she is, and for always getting the most out of her subjects! 
Evan Sokol, Actor 

thanks so much ... you are a confidence boost! Sharon Drain, Actor 

Always gorgeous to spend time with Alexa, master of beautiful effortless photography. Thank you so much
Liz and Baye Hoctor-Duncan

Thank you again for such an amazing session! I had so so much fun... Wow thank you so so much! I love them, I know it will be hard to pick my final ones!!! Xx you have been absolutely amazing!!
Anna Burgess,actor 

They are amazing.
Thanks for your professionalism and patience as usual. You are THE BEST! Julie Piper parent of actor Lila Garrad  

Thank you for the photos I absolutely love them. I'm happy to have worked with you again and wish you the best of luck for your business.It was wonderful to see you again. :) Nicolai Spada, actor

😍😍😍 I LOVEthese!! Your photos really brings out ME 😆 Can’t wait to see the galleries! Thank you 😊 My agent and I absolutely LOVE these headshots  Jia-Yu Lee,Actor 

Thank you so much @apwildingphotography for these phenomenal photos! Such a joyous shoot we had today andwhat incredible results!These are definitely the best collection of headshots I've everhad. I don't think I've ever looked better! x Timothy Styles, actor 

Thanks so much for ANOTHER brilliant session xx Can’t imagine going somewhere else! You’re such a delight to work with and I enjoyed your company and marvelled at your work, thank you.
I feel like you go above and beyond with the selection process and I really appreciate it x Vicky Bell , parent of actor Daniel Bell 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Xx… Oh my goodness you are phenomenal. How on earth am I going to choose?? I suspect you hear that a lot! X  Georgina Frowde, parent of actors Edward and Elizabeth Frowde

They’re beautiful!! 😍 thank you so much!!
The photos are GORGEOUS!!  Chloe Chansa, parent of actor Keira Chansa  

Thank you so much they’re beyond perfect . It took me a long time to pick because the rest are all so gorgeous. Thank you so much for being so fab, all the pictures are gorgeous Freya Ross, Actor

He got signed with Source Models! ( with the new shots ) Thank you for your invaluable help and incredible images  Nadia Azlen, Lucas Azlen

Oh wow! My gosh, thank you so much!! These are stunning!! Thank you so much for the photos Alexa, it has been so difficult choosing my finally lot as there are so many good ones! Amelie Abbot, actor

Absolutely thrilled with these...You really are amazing and made it incredibly hard !... Laiya had the BEST time. We cant wait to come back!! THANK YOU ❤️❤️❤️ Laura Brokenshire, parent of actor Laiya GraceCharles

The photos are working! The three older kids have all booked work already this year, all four have been taken on by a modelling agency and Cecily’s been optioned for a fashion campaign! Lucy Cleeve parent of Inigo, Sholto, Cecily, Cordelia Cleeve  

Once again thank you as I love eachand every shot in a different way and I can’t wait to get these updates on Paige’s spotlight! I can’t say thank you enough as this was without doubt the best headshot experience we have had.  Paige really enjoyed the shoot, your advice and help along the way has been second to none and the final shots are just superb!!! Laura Brearley parent of actor Paige Olivia Brearley                  

OMG they are amazing. Beau had a great day, he said he really enjoyed his photo session he felt relaxed and most of all had lots of fun.  It was lovely to meet you, and to learn about all the info. Beau said that you are going to be our Photographer for life. Xx Dawn Quinn-Trotter parent to actor Beau Quinn-Trotter

Honestly so in love with all of them.x Natalie Johnston-Miller, parent of actors Caleb and Blake Johnson-Miller 

 It was a pleasure shooting with you again. Thrilled already to see what  you achieved today. Magic! Wishing you more success. Thank you so much for these excellent headshots.  Received with much appreciation for your stellar work! Looking forward to seeing you again next year. Martine Estavia, parent of actor Raphael Estavia 

Why are you so good ??? it makes it so difficult to choose! Thank you honestly, I love them x Anais Jessica Berinde, actor

They are so amazing thanks so so so so much… We are grateful for everything!
You are utterly amazing at what you do! Jillie Reed, Isabella Reed and Oliver Reed, Models.

What a privilege it was to have a photoshoot with @apwildingphotography. Thank you @herotalentgroup for recommending @apwildingphotography. Loved every second of it. 📸....we love all the photos. We both absolutely love them. You are a star...Absolutely amazing experience with you Alexa. Thank you so much. Xx  Luise Angus and Beth Angus, Actor

thank you so much for the shots they look FABULOUS... Thank you so much❤️❤️❤️ Lucas Roman Ayton, Actor

I can’t thank you enough, honestly, …And secondly, for all of your great advice about Spotlight, branding etc, really great info.

….honestly, having been through so so many of these sessions over the past 8 years, I’m blown away by how fantastic it was. 🤩 Couldn’t have hoped for better photos, they are beautiful. Melanie Kill , parent of actor Anouska Kill 

SO pleased with my new headshots from @apwildingphotography.
What a legend. She is a star 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟 Edmund Fargher, Actor  

I love them, Alexa! (Don't hear that every day...) The shoot was fantastic; thank you for being so amazing 🤩 xx Tanya Chainey, Actor 

Love these!!  Davina Cole, Actor

And they've already started working their magic...got an in-person audition invite the next day!...Thank you so so much again, they're awesome. And I've already got 2 more auditions with them... and just booked a commercial job! Miranda Beinart-Smith, Actor

Thank you SOOOO much for sending over the photos - they are stunning. I’m thrilled! Sheney Delaney, parent of actor Faith Delaney

Love these! These are astonishing!We are just so thrilled with the images and Graci had such a great time.  Emma Field, parent of actor Graci Hanlon-Field 

We love them and so does the agent. The even better news is I applied all the tips you have me for self-tapes and Alessia got her first every call back! 
Laura Beccaria  parent of actor Alessia Wilde.

Oh my goodness, I LOVE them 😍 Thank you so much for being so helpful and just amazing!! It was so lovely to meet you. Harrison had an amazing time and was so happy! Honestly I’m so glad that we chose to do his updates with you💕 Thank you so much for these, we LOVE them. You were/are amazing! Natasha Metcalf, parent of actor Harrison Metcalf  

Love them. Sorry if I was a millionaire I would buy all 200 photos as they are all beautiful.  Lexi loved her session. Thank you for the best experience ever. The photos are lovely. They are all beautiful and it was really hard to choose. Pearl Kowlessar parent of actor Lexi Kowlessar

Highly recommend the amazing AP Wilding Thank you so much Alexa, I love them. OMG Alexa there are so many lovely ones!!!! So many gorgeous ones. Marie Ivemey, parent of actor Max Ivemey

Wow!!! These pics are just stunning Alexa, you are just amazing at what you do 👌 ...You are just an awesome photographer :) Thanks again for making our first experience with anything like this,  so wonderfully fun for Bay, memorable and just so personable.  Jen McNeill, parent of actor Bay Violet McNeill

Love love love!!! Thank you 💕 What a lovely range of photos. So so happy! Thank you so much. You are a genius. Louisa Houghton, parent of actor Poppy Houghton 

GREAT! Thank you very much Alexa! Loved the range! ♥️  These photos are amazing as always! They are awesome! Vanessa Gubian, parent of actor Jordan Gubian

Our go-to place for quality headshots and a fun experience. Feels like visiting and old friend and the outcome is amazing. Claudia Kretzschmar, parent of actor Helena Albright.

They're so stunning. We wish we went to you sooner!.... thank you again for making my daughter feel so wonderful yesterday. Dulcie-Bella is already looking forward to having her headshots taken by you next year! Amy Rungpaka Hackley, parent of actor Dulcie-Bella Hackley

Thanks Alexa!!!! The shots look amazing!!!!!! …..Honestly can't wait and thank you once again for being such an amazing host as always...I honestly can’t believe that’s my son in these headshots!!! Appreciate all the advice you have given.  Nafeesa Ahmed, parent of actor Muhammad Abdur-Rahman Toheed 

I've already gotten some exciting castings since uploading the new headshots ...Since our session, I've had my first two TV-roles and been seen for international films by the CD's I wanted to attract most, so they're definitely working! Thank you so much for all your help and hope you have a fantastic 2023! Amanda Elizabeth Rischel, Actor 

Is it vain to be in love with your own headshots!! After a year of looking like mrs potato head and no range I’m so chuffed with these @apwildingphoto is a bloody magician! ( on landing major movie role ) omg thank you for my headshots helping make it happen! Anya Marco Harris, Actor 

OMG ALEXA, this is the best gift ever.
Thank you so much! I love them.
Alexa, my agent is super happy with the photos. Look at my spotlight now. Beautiful! 🤩🤗 Carlo Spano, Actor 

You are AMAZING at what you do and clearly a very lovely person too, it was so nice to meet you!…. Thank you sooooo much for these...they are AMAZING. Aristou Meehan, Actor

All you want and more, Alexa is just incredible, from the moment I stepped in the studio I felt like I was chilling at my own home made me feel so comfortable, was great & interesting to chat about what would work & what wouldn't... her judgement in what works is spot on % trust in her ... just takes a few clicks to see through her photos and you can see her amazing work .. I'm super excited about mine and she's captured me in exactly the perfect looks for me ...Elesha Moses, Actor/Singer

Thank you so much. You make everything so fun and at the same time we feel like we learned something from you - about ourselves and music, movies and art. Nothing beats a day at your studio. You are so amazing. X Denis Coleman Singer/Actor 

Thank you so much...You're a little bit of fresh air and Evie loved it
Thanks so much Alexa for these gorgeous pics x
Jayne Templeton, parent of actor Evie Templeton  

Thank you so much for the amazing photos! Been very difficult to even narrow down. Mary Lennon, parent of actor Ellie-Mae Siame 

Omg love love love… Thank you so much, we are very happy with them. Thank you so much they are already working a treat! We have had castings every day since last week. Anastasia Zaytsevar, parent of actor Ellie Zaytseva 

Cannot recommend her highly enough! Actors, she will make your session so positive and crystal clear about what’s needed and how to get there. I walk out on a cloud every time.... A Photographic Powerhouse! Bryan Bounds, Actor 

Love all of them!…got an audition tomorrow! Right after the uploaded new head shots!! Thanks to you!! Yue Ying Yu, Actor 

I just wanted to let you know that I got an audition for The Crown almost as soon as I got my new headshots!... I def think it was your work that pushed me over the line to get into the room. Thanks so much again! Topher Palmer, Actor 

AP Wilding working her magic again!! 
Covering a full range we are so grateful.
Thank you so much Alexa for being as fabulous as you are. Jo kemp, parent of actor Jake Kemp 

Thanks for being amazing as always …absolutely thrilled with the shots , you really are amazing and so talented...we love our sessions with you x Alison Armstrong, parent of actor Jack Armstrong.

They are all beautiful x Sandra Frimpong, parent of actor Diaana Babnicova

Hi Alexa! Once again thanks for the amazing shots - I just thought I’d write to say after adding the headshots to my spotlight and sending all the stuff of to some agents I’ve got a meeting booking with one in London in mid March! Thanks so much for all the help setting up the spotlight!! X Frankie Bounds, classical singer/actor

During the hunt for a new headshot photographer, I found AP Wilding. The shots are evocative, well-lit and characterful and that all comes from her technical skill, industry experience and talent. I cannot recommend her highly enough! Andrew Futaishi , Actor  

In love, Thank you Alexa! … I am so grateful for you! Ellen Coleman, Actor  

Super-shout out for Master of her shutter, @apwildingphoto who has woven her characteristic headshot magic, with lashings of care, patience & proper tea.

Karenza Boscawen, Actor

I'm just emailing to say a massive thank you for doing my headshots, in addition to having much better castings coming my way yesterday I just got offered a role in my first ever feature film! ( Referring to her role in THE FLASH ). When the initial casting came through there was a note at the bottom which said 'Your main headshot won you this audition'. I'm so thrilled and just wanted to say thank you as those headshots have definitely made a difference to my opportunities and progress in this industry.

Florence Wright, Actor

So excited to share with you my new headshots from the fabulous A P Wilding Photography - the expert at helping you cover a wide range of casting looks with your headshots! Cannot wait to start using them 

Michelle Heffer, Actor

Huge thank you for the photos, they're awesome. ...had three self tapes to do this weekend so the new headshots are working wonders!

Kaz Miller, parent of Alexie-May and Olivia Miller 

I am so grateful for not only the beautiful images but for all the eye-opening information you gave me and the time you invested in us on the day. It was a pleasure to meet you!

Marina Guryanova, parent of actor Sofia Stavrinou.

Wowwwww!!!! So gorgeous!! LOVE LOVE LOVE them! Pics look so gorgeous. And such gorgeous variety and range. Thank you thank you thank you Thank you! You are just so wonderful and look after your clients beautifully. Xx

Sara Keel, parent to actors Plum and Ottilie Keel.

...just wanted to tell you that he booked that big FF he was going for ...after many months and two meetings with dir.. Ridley Scott 😱 he has done it . First feature film, it's Napoleon...Just wanted to share as I'm sure your pics were an enormous help in getting him in the room ...and we couldn't be happier. But HUGE THANK YOU ❤️ XX 🙏

Estelle Soper, parent of actor Maximilian Soper Defreitas

Hi Alexa!! I hope you are well, just wanted to say my goodness the photos are working HARD!! Maiya has had a record number of auditions. Over 3 weeks she has had 6 auditions, 3 recalls and booked a commercial! She has never booked a commercial before! Two of the recalls are this week so we have everything crossed that they go well! Thank you so so much - I have no doubt that the photos are to thank for this. 💜💜💜💜 You are incredible 💜🙌🏽 so grateful that we found you xxx

Jade Eastmond, parent of actor Maiya Eastmond 

Total magician!... Cyrenna was styled very nearly identically to one of her shots with you one day on her recent commercial and her hair was styled the way you styled it throughout 🙌🏻 You’re an actual legend ❤️

Mary Wilshin , parent of actor Cyrenna Wilshin, Actor

Yet another request to self tape for a short film. Thats the 5th since my new head shot dropped. I kid you not, @apwildingphoto is a #️⃣genius.100%

Kat-Anne Rogers, Actor/Director 

Honestly had the best time and so in love with the shots we got!! Can’t wait to show the world!! 🖤🖤
So hard!! Every shot I was like ‘oooh I love this one. Ooh I love this one’
Thank you so much 🥰 This is one of my most favourite shots EVER 🖤

Emily Cordell, Actor 

I got my new shots with the always wonderful AP Wilding it was the “more than a headshot“ session, so I got a few more editorial pictures in too. She is the best photographer & person, I can’t recommend her enough! 

Eszter Patakfalvi , Actor

Thank you so much for this morning. It was such a magical and emotional journey. We are quite simply blown away by you sharing your expertise and your gift of seeing and capturing what until now we could only dream of 💖

Karen Caldwell, parent of actor Kayla Caldwell 

Thank you for helping me as ever and for your mad talent!...OMG thanks for the post for MACE (he only went and booked big movie NDA!) 🎉🎉🎉Your headshots!!!!!

Roux Phoenix, parent of actor Mace Phoenix

Update time with the amazing @apwildingphotography . You know they are all going to be breathtaking when they are this good straight off the camera. Literally cannot recommend this photographer enough, Alexa was so lovely throughout the whole session. So helpful and helped build up my confidence massively....When the amazing @apwildingphotography drops your headshots into your inbox. Uploaded to Spotlight and already have a tape and an audition request within 20 mins!!

Zoe Paskins, parent of actor Molly Pepper Tuer

Thanks SO MUCH! I’m so very happy with the new imagesSince I uploaded the new pics we have had 5 tape requests!!

Vicky Bell, parent of actor Daniel Bell

OMG I LOVE THESE 😜😜 Your energy was wonderful, your studios is brilliant. You are just the perfect photographer. We both absolutely LOVED meeting you xxx

Anna Macey-Michael, parent of actor Amira Macey-Michael

Today, I took Benji to see A P Wilding in Brixton, in my opinion, she is the best in the business, for some new publicity shots ahead of The Devils Hour release.
I know I am biased, but....a film star is born.

Mark Chivers, parent of actor Benjamin Chivers

Thank YOU. I so enjoyed our session. You were so encouraging and .... just wonderful. You completely identified what I needed etc. And how to achieve it. Still on a bit of a high. Xx

Vicky Peirson, Actor 

Omg thank you so much for these :) I love them. I had such a great time!

Daniel Hayde, Actor

ACTOR Headshot - 📸 by the wonderful, energetic, talented and gorgeous soul that is: @apwildingphotography Thank you so much they're all great!!

Ryan Harston, Actor

It was brilliant shooting with you again. …
Thank you so much, these shots really are amazing. You are so incredibly talented!

Isla Hughes, Actor 

Hey Alexa, just seen the WhatsApp shots, honestly so pleased with how the shoot went! Thank you so much for creating such a great environment and for getting the shots out of me and for all your advice xxx

Lucie Haran, Actor 

Thanks so much Alexa, I love them!! Thanks for making it such a fun and easy shoot 😊 really looking forward to putting the new shots to work!

Michael Timney, Actor 

Thanks again for making these sessions so positive and such fun!!! Riccardo absolutely loved it and cannot wait to use his new shots. You’re a ‘Genius’ at what you do x

Aidy Drayton and actor Riccardo Drayton

Absolutely love the final images, fabulous as always thank you so much. Pleasure working with you again xxx

Gemma Marriott, parent of Eva Marriott 

I've narrowed down my choices, it's so hard to do, you take such incredible images!...Jarlen was so in awe & told me he was only ever coming back to you! You have a very special way with kids & such great guidance...Thanks so much for these, I absolutely adore them, just showed Jarlan & he's over the moon!!!

Danièle Bogolubov, parent of actor Jarlan Bogolubov

Bloody marvellous!...Thank you Alexa for a great session and going the extra mile to help and advise me pick my new set of headshots. My new agent loves them too!

Elizabeth Graham, Actor                         

Thank you - amazing! So so appreciate today, game changer xxx

Abigail Moore, Actor 

Thank you for a memorable and enjoyable first headshot session @apwildingphotography Cannot wait to see the finished product!!
Ah, they are looking fab!

Charlie Hines, Actor

Alexa you are amazing - both kids said they just loved working with you x
They look wonderful.

Debbie Ansell, parent to actor Dexter Sol Ansell 

Wow! They look fabulous! Absolutely love them!....the agent is also really pleased - Thanks again! X

Darren Pye, parent of actor Honor Davis-Pye.

2 hours, 6 individual looks! Thank you so much @apwildingphoto
for a wonderful shoot this weekend. I had a great time and cannot wait to see the full range of headshots...Thomas and I really enjoyed the session and your objective expertise in selecting the right clothes/looks/shots was invaluable. 

Susan Buckley, parent of actor Thomas Buckley 

Baileys 2023 headshots by the gorgeous @apwildingphotography “People will never forget how you make them feel” this quote applies to you Alexa, you are walking sunshine and made Bailey feel amazing.

0h my gosh I'm in love with the headshots. Most importantly Bailey thinks they are amazing. Truly. The shots are phenomenal

Vikki Radzan, parent of actor Bailey Radzan 

Oh wow!!! We love them!!! You've been amazing and made the process so much easier. …will no doubt see you again xx

Jasmin Horton, Actor 

My first headshots were with Alexa in 2019. Alot has happened since then, and I have tried other photographers.
I can honestly say returning to her, was like returning home. I realised how good I had it the first time.
Quality shots, warm atmosphere, precise on your casting (actors). Worth every penny.

Jordan Julien, Actor   

Alexa really, really does her homework about you as a person in order to find out your true casting. SO important for photos because it gives you a character reality in every shot, not just pictures. She's also so relaxing and funny; if like me, you HATE having your headshots done, Alexa is the cure!!! Go Alexa, go!

Jilly Connick, Actor 

When you are having a headshot session with the absolute Wonder Woman that is @apwildingphotography (you all should, I can’t sing her praises enough)

Joanna Simmonett, Actor 

Thanks again for these terrific photos, they've been dynamite for blowing open the casting doors!

Jamie Lee-Hill, Actor

Thank you so much!... There are some stunning ones in there!!

Claire Mardle, parent of model Millie Mardle.

Love Emma's new headshots by the wonderful @apwildingphotography - thanks so much Alexa. x 

Dana Franklin, parent of actor Emma Franklin

Thank you so much and honestly you make it so stress free…Thank you so much for the photos - they look amazing!
...so hard to choose you did an amazing job

Mary Siame. parent to actor Jake Siame

It’s been a MAMMOTH task, trying to decide. They’re all so good! Even getting it it down to 4-5 favourites in each category was hard enough...you are an absolutely insanely talented star!! Thanks AP Wilding for capturing all the characters. Over the moon! If you're looking for new headshots, check out Alexa's website.You won't be disappointed!

Hannaj Bang Bendz, Actor

LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!... I knew you'd do a brilliant job… You're amazing.

…Just spent some amazing time in the company of the absolutely brilliant and lovely AP Wilding. Thank you so much xx

KC Flanagan, Actor

...you're an absolute maestro...Thank uuuuuuuuu over the moon with them! …thank you @apwildingphotography for such an awesome shoot 🌟 highly recommend!

Annabel Spinks-Jones, Actor 

Hey Alexa, thank you soooo much for today. You're an inspirational woman. Thanks for the chats as much as the photos ...Thanks again for the shoot - I can’t wait to start using my new shots :)

Hanna Rosa, Actor 

I cannot praise Alexa highly enough - her photos work, which means you get work. Not only does she capture many moods and vibes in a short space of time, leaving you with plenty of powerful headshots to choose from, but she also understands exactly how castings happen and what CDs need. Plus she's a very fun person to hang out with. PLUS, you choose your own music to dance along to. Big love to you, Alexa - thank you x 

Lucy Beresford, Presenter/Actor

This was the best headshot session I've had in 25 years! Alexa is fantastic at making the session relaxed and genuinely enjoyable. She was excellent at creating a variety of different looks and I have no doubt that they will really help in widening my casting possibilities. I cannot recommend highly enough.

Nick Danan, Actor and Artistic Director of Strange Fish Theatre

This is the second time I've worked with Alexa for my headshots (my profile shot is one of hers). I've shot with others over the years but no one, NO ONE, compares to the quality of her work. She really is passionate about getting the right look and feel for you and working with her really is a simple joy. I have no hesitation in recommending her.

Malcolm Jeffries, Actor

Soooo lovely to see you today. I enjoyed every minute. Thank you so much. Thanks for these sneak peeks. I’m very excited to see the final ones !

Emma Horton, Actor/Comedian

A great session with Alexa. Her professionalism and in depth knowledge of the business shines through her work. Her insight is invaluable and relevant leading to some excellent new headshots. She created a relaxed atmosphere and managed our time together perfectly, putting me at ease throughout. Highly recommend.

Philip Gill, Actor

Thanks so much, the photos are gorgeous and they're going to look so fab on Spotlight!

Kaz Miller, parent of actor Jake Miller 

Omg these look amazing!
Thank you so much Alexa xx

Dally Deol, parent of actor Jiyan Deol

Thanks again - love, love, love the shots...
With absolute megaprops to the amazingly fabulous Alexa at @apwildingphotography it's that time of year when we get updated headshots and I think where the actual fig did my mini Hesperoops go?!

Galya Holden, parent of actor Hesper Holden 

Thank you so much, they are so wonderful and 'Im so happy to have new ones with you again. Looking back at all the years photos together is crazy.

Emily Jackman, Actor

Omg I can't stop looking at them....the shots have already been complimented by casting directors!

Renan Teodoro, Actor

Absolutely in love with the shots, thank you so much for everything! It was a pleasure to work with you! X

Sara-Jane Waters, Actor

Thank you Alexa for my phenomenal range of headshots. They have worked wonders with soooo many selftapes ,recalls an availability check and a fabulous meeting for a top project !

Milena Lanzetta , parent of actor Massimo Cull 

Omg incredible!!!!! 
My goodness - we are sooo sooo happy with the headshots - you are incredible. 
Over the moon with our selection of headshots by the INCREDIBLE @apwildingphotography . Absolute Wonder Woman

Jade Eastmond, parent of actor Cameron Douglas 

When @apwildingphotography is the absolute BOMB 💥 Seriously though how incredible are her images 🥰... straight away we have 2 FF castings and a TV drama for ITV so already working wonders. Agent actually messaged and said they are fantastic also and that she looks beautiful.

Emma Findlow, parent of actor Lacey Findlow.

I absolutely, absolutely love them as does everyone on Holby. They are so beautiful.Once again Alexa, I really don't know how to thank you enough.

Niamh Walsh, Actor

I knew it was a great shot when we got it and now the world will get to see your work! (referring to his leading role in major new US TV series: Stephen King's "The Mist"). Hope more referrals come your way!!! X

Okezie Morro, Actor United Agents

LOVE the shots…So many lovely jobs ( Holby City! ) have come from your headshot! Literally had on average 2/3 auditions a week since! I am recommending you a lot and even my agency are as well. They loved the pics!

Ellie Fanyinka, Actor

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