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   Agent comments:

I have been sending my clients to Alexa for several years and I have always had the most AMAZING feedback from every client that goes to see her. She put them at ease immediately; getting the know them, ensuring they’re happy and relaxed, and bringing out their individuality in every shot. She’s always interested to hear what I am looking for as an agent and is keen to take on any ideas or feedback to get the most out of every session. I have certainly noticed an increase in castings when a client gets their head shots done with Alexa – I think she’s fantastic and I wouldn’t send my clients anywhere else! Lisa Goldsobel @ Davis Gordon Management

The shots are INCREDIBLE! a huge Thank You for your incredible talent! Dale Hammond Agency

Amazing photographer AP Wilding - I can't recommend her enough! LOVE her photos and use her for loads of our clients X Irving Street Management.

I LOVE these. we now have a fabulous range to work with!! Robot Fish

Really beautiful headshots Nicola @ Hero Talent Group

We are so happy with your images they are fantastic!!
Creative Kidz

Thank you so much for these lovely photos. 
Many thanks for such a successful shoot X
Emily Byron, Byrons Management

Very beautiful photos indeed! Sandy @ Lex Arthur Cob Ltd

These are just stunning – thank you so much. Just what I needed for my side of the business – excellent. Very many thanks again Eclipse Artists Agency

The girls were really pleased with their head shots. I thought they were great! Gieldgud Management

you think like a casting director. J&R Associates

I want all my artists to come to you…your work is fabulous! Christopher Carroll Artist Management

Ace headshots The Actors File

...BOOM!!! she gets a casting, first day with new headshots. AP Wilding comes with my highest recommendation for headshot photographer in this industry! As an agent I wouldn't recommend anyone else! ... I've seen an increase in castings by those clients that have her headshots. Eaglestone Management

Your shots are amazing we love them here at Imperium! Imperium Management

Beautiful headshots taken by the very best there is in the Industry AP Wilding . ...Your headshots seem to be working more or less straight away. Keep doing what you're doing. You're literally the best at what you do. Hand's down.. No question. We'll be forever sending our clients your way. Audere Talent

Love your headshot style CDM Dance Management

they are simply gorgeous…I will be sending some more children your way soon! Bex Landsberger Managing Agent STAGE A MANAGEMENT

Thank you these are FABULOUS xxx Dee @ Dee Boss Talent Management

I have recently seen some of your headshots and think they are fantastic. Sharon Power , Bold Artist Management

Creatives in need of headshots check out @apwildingphoto they will get you the perfect shots" Imey Arts


Client comments:

During the hunt for a new headshot photographer, I found AP Wilding. The shots are evocative, well-lit and characterful and that all comes from her technical skill, industry experience and talent. I cannot recommend her highly enough!
Andrew Futaishi , Actor  

The most amazing session again with @apwildingphotography.
Alexa is amazing and goes above and beyond to get the shot…the best experience.
Bailey came out walking on air and her understanding of curls.Vikki Radzan, parent to actor Bailey Radzan

When the amazing @apwildingphotography drops your headshots into your inbox. Uploaded to Spotlight and already have a tape and an audition request within 20 mins!!....Literally cannot recommend this photographer enough, Alexa was so lovely throughout the whole session. So helpful and helped build up my confidence massively. Zoe Paskins, parent to actor Molly Pepper Tuer 

….already had three self tape requests since we changed the monologue and uploaded the photos Helen Gill, parent to actor DaisyGill

I took Sabina to see the wonderful A P Wilding in Brixton today for acting headshots. I love watching her shooting. She is both a brilliant photographer and a lovely human being. Which is why she delivers superb results every time we go to her! Patten Smith, parent to actor Sabina Beinart-Smith

Hi Alexa! Once again thanks for the amazing shots - I just thought I’d write to say after adding the headshots to my spotlight and sending all the stuff of to some agents I’ve got a meeting booking with one in London in mid March!
Frankie Bounds, classical singer/ actor  

Thank you sooooo much for these, aren't they wonderful and how well do they capture the many facets of my beautiful child! Thank you so much for your wonderful work and for creating such a lovely set of images. Wishing you the very best.Sadaf Ahmed, parent to actor Aristou Meehan 

Oh Alexa, the photos are killer! ...thank you so much i couldn’t be happier with how they turned out!... honestly so glad we came to you photos are insane and you’ve given us so much help and guidance it’s so appreciated x x Jenny Kettle, parent to actor  Penelope Kettle 

Thanks SO MUCH! I’m so very happy with the new images...
So great to work with you again ...Since I uploaded the new pics we have had 5 tape requests!! Vicky Bell, parent to actor Daniel Bell

OMG I LOVE THESE 😜😜 Your energy was wonderful, your studios is brilliant. You are just the perfect photographer. We both absolutely LOVED meeting you xxx Anna Macey-Michael, parent to actor Amira Macey-Michael 

All round amazing, 5* photographer. Alexa is such a lovely woman and a very gifted photographer who has a huge amount of industry experience which shows in the overall shots.
Her visions, Direction and advice for the shoot is always planned and offered which is very helpful as shoots can be scary. The overall environment is very relaxed and welcoming which creates a great calming atmosphere to give you the best experience and shots needed.
I booked an extended package “more than just a head shot” of which I also booked an MUA through Alexa. Emily is also fantastic and extremely talented at what she does assisting and helping with every aspect of the shoot creating flawless hair and makeup. I also couldn’t recommend her enough, such a wonderful team and worth every penny.
I couldn’t recommend this service enough to anyone looking to expanded there portfolio or
Gain shots that will get you work. You will not be disappointed here. Easy to book, smooth, stress free and value for money.
Amazing!!! 5****** Laura-May Houghton, , Dancer/Model/Actor 

OMG!! These photos are rather gorgeous aren't they!! Tyler & I LOVE them!!...My son had his headshots done with Alexa. She was amazing! He was a little nervous going in, but Alexa made him feel relaxed, confident and raring to go. She was professional, enthusiastic, relatable and fun.
She came up with lots of different ideas for what casting directors might want to see in a headshot and she really helped with different looks. It was fantastic as she also showed us what she was capturing as we went along. The 1st thing he said when we were finished was ‘when can I come again’ ! I Highly recommend AP Wilding photography. Nicole de Souza, parent to young actor Tyler De Souza

So this week I had a headshot session with the incredibly talented @apwildingphotography this was literally the first shot she took ..cannot wait to see the rest of the gallery. For anyone wanting pro headshots look no further she is literally the best in the business Justine Bowyer parent to young actor Rumer Bowyer

Had a fantastic session. Really learnt a lot and my new head shots blew me away. Can’t wait to get them up. I would recommended A P Wilding to any actor looking to get more auditions Robert Hartburn, Actor     

This was my second time going to Alexa for a headshot session and I've never felt so comfortable. Alexa knows the casting process very well and so she incorporated that and gave me bespoke advice on the looks that I can acheive with my headshots. Alexa is very creative and it was so much fun having a session with her again! Dixita Pandya, Actor     

Beautiful studio located in the heart of our capital city.
Studio was easy to find with the guidance of both Sat Nav and Alexa’s (Photographers) personal set of of directions from her welcome pack.
Welcome pack that was received on booking gave me all the information I needed to make the most of our updates experience.
It guided me with clothing which was a huge help as I was able to pick out clothing that would suit my Daughters skin tone, eyes etc.
Alexa herself was a dream to work with, on arrival she was extremely welcoming and made us instantly feel warm and comfortable in her presence. We then sat down and discussed in great detail my daughters personal preferences within the industry and all about her quirky personality, this then helped Alexa to capture the most beautiful and expressive Headshots for My Daughters online spotlight CV. Alexa worked so hard throughout our session, she used music to bring out the different personalities in my Daughter and even went above and beyond by picking out clothing and then styling my Daughters hair for each individual shoot.
We had a truly positive experience throughout our session and we will 100% be recommending Alexa to friends in the industry and visiting Alexa and her studio again soon. Emma Findlow parent to young actor Lacey Findlow 

Back for our third headshot session with AP Wilding. As always a fabulous session - Alexa totally understands what we need and how to get them, D really enjoyed herself and I was so grateful not to have to do the hair! Can't wait to see the gallery - you always work magic and this year's shots look amazing! I loved last year's, and thought they'd be hard to top, but suspect you have raised the bar again! Helen Mayer  parent to young actor Daisy Mayer 

I had THE BEST headshot experience with Alexa! Makes you feel super comfortable and goes through everything step by step with your headshots, your Spotlight, showreel etc. to make it tailored to you and your casting types. Also the playing music for each different look had such a great impact on getting into the ‘zone’ for each look. By the end I felt like an absolute superstar and so confident because she is so positive and encouraging and shows you the shots as you’re going along so you can see yourself what kind of looks you’re going to come out with. Honestly I cannot recommend Alexa enough! X
Lauren Darbyshire, Actor  

A great session with Alexa. Her professionalism and in depth knowledge of the business shines through her work. Her insight is invaluable and relevant leading to some excellent new headshots. She created a relaxed atmosphere and managed our time together perfectly, putting me at ease throughout. Highly recommended.
Philip Gill, Actor 

Actor's Headshots: excellent attention to detail. Appropriate and good research done regarding characters likely to be cast as. Excellent knowledge of the casting business. Positive and encouraging and complimentary language used to relax and get the best images from you. Feel I have received a highly professional package to take me to the next level of my career.
Josie Ayers, Actor 

We had an amazing experience with Alexa, she took so much time to explain the casting process to us that we knew exactly what the Casting Directors are looking for. Alexa is so kind, the shoot was both fun and professional, plus she also helps with hair and styling, what more could you ask for!
We were completely blown away by the final images, so much so that it took us an age to choose, we were narrowed down to 47 for a week. Thank you so much Alexa, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you a million percent. Sian Abey parent to actor Lillian Abey

It is no surprise that AP Wilding Photography is in such high demand. We were lucky to get an appointment! There is more to being a brilliant photographer than the actual fabulous photography. Alexa is a friend, stylist, photographer, fashion guru all in one! She will brighten your day! Jackie Ching parent to actor Dagny Rollins

Alexa opened my eyes into the world of casting, she watched my showreel and went through my previous headshots. We spoke in length about my casting types and what jobs I was aiming to book. I felt that Alexa wanted to make sure that I was going to book jobs from our pictures. The whole shoot was relaxed, fun and mega organised. I came away feeling like I will get way more audition opportunities once these pictures are on spotlight and it really lifted my confidence. I believe all actors should shoot with Alexa at some point. It really is career changing.Mhairi Calvey, Actor

I cannot praise Alexa highly enough - her photos work, which means you get work. Not only does she capture many moods and vibes in a short space of time, leaving you with plenty of powerful headshots to choose from, but she also understands exactly how castings happen and what CDs need. Plus she's a very fun person to hang out with. PLUS, you choose your own music to dance along to. Big love to you, Alexa - thank you x Lucy Beresford, Actor 

Alexa is excellent with children and makes them feel really relaxed. She really makes an effort to get to know them too to ensure the best looks are created....
Thank you so much - you are flipping awesome!! And I will tell the world! Although clearly everyone already knows!! Tamaryn Penny, parent to young actors Jemima Penny and Jasper Penny

Alexa was very helpful and responsive in strategizing exactly what looks I needed to complete my marketing materials. She was prepared before I got there having watched my showreel and looked at my Spotlight page and it was a true collaboration. She was very specific about how to get the range of looks and the styling choices from clothing to hair to lighting to angles was collaborative and thoughtful/professional. I can't wait to use the shots, I feel they will help my agent with submitting me for work.
Claire Lebowitz King, Actor 

They look amazing and I felt really emotional looking at them! ...I had a fantastic headshot session with Alexa. I loved her friendly and professional approach and the way she used music to inspire character and emotion. I would certainly recommend her to anyone looking for a professional headshot. Tippy Elgar, Actor

I cant believe the difference already, Jake has been asked to tape for a feature film and short film both kids have been asked together to tape as brother and sister for a tv series and a producer contact me directly after seeing Ellie-Mae headshot to do a screen test for his feature film!!!... can’t praise enough, it was the most relaxing and stress free shoot I have been to with the kids I can’t imagine going to another photographer for headshots again. Mary Siame parent to Ellie-Mae Siame and Jake Siame

All you want and more, Alexa is just incredible, from the moment I stepped in the studio I felt like I was chilling at my own home made me feel so comfortable, was great & interesting to chat about what would work & what wouldn't... her judgement in what works is spot on % trust in her ... just takes a few clicks to see through her photos and you can see her amazing work .. I'm super excited about mine and she's captured me in exactly the perfect looks for me ... I give AP Wilding photography 5 stars and more .. was super chilled & fun and this is what having photos is all about, Alexa gets the most out of you without u even knowing it... Magic 💫 Highly recommend Elesha Moses, Actor/Singer 

Alexa was brilliant to work with from the word go. She has such fantastic energy, brought so much creativity, trust and fun, making me feel comfortable and relaxed instantly. 100% would recommend to anyone. I was pretty nervous but ended up really enjoying the shoot - I would even go as far as to say I didn't want it to end! It's all down to Alexa, so thank you. I really look forward to working with her again in the future. Romy Dakin, Actor  

A P Wilding. What. A. Woman.
From the start Alexa was friendly, professional and welcoming. She really knows her stuff and it shows both in the room and in the shots. Alexa is so focused and invests time in learning about you as a creative, and sets a plan in motion from the start of the session.
I’ve never felt more at lease in front of the camera. We danced around, we laughed and had a great time. It wasn’t a “stand here, head down a bit, now look sad” session like I’ve had in the past. Alexa plays music to suit the mood of the style of shot, and that really helped my mind get in the zone. The was a fire and a sparkly energy in the room thanks to Alexa’s bubbly, creative and unique personality.
I usually hate photos of myself in a standard headshot setup, but she kept on showing me the photos as we went along and I loved more or less every one. The shots were natural. Nothing felt forced, there were no instructions to “be this, be that”. I’m still buzzing from the session 24 hours on.
I’ve already recommended Alexa to my friends, and cannot wait to work with her again.
Huge thanks to you, A P Wilding! X Hannah Sims, Actor

Honestly, thank you a million times over. You are a total breath of fresh air. Absolute superstar x
I’ve had 3 big auditions since the new shots and have just found out that I’ve been recalled for a commercial! Woohoo! All thanks to the magic of you!
Hannah Sims, Actor  

Literally salivating in anticipation of new shots by @apwildingphoto. Normally I hate being in front of a stills camera, but Alexa creates an amazingly welcoming and collaborative shoot. ...Absolutely outstanding. I've had many headshot sessions over the years and this was a very professional yet relaxed shoot. No hestitation at all in recommending Alexa. Jan van der Black, Actor

Alexa is totally brilliant at getting the best from her subjects. Her calm, kind and clever coaching results in fantastically eclectic set of beautiful headshots, to help put you in the frame for every genre Emma Bowen-Doherty  parent to young actor Grace Doherty

We are absolutely over the moon with the final versions of Romanies new headshots!.Thank you so much to the crazily talented AP Wilding. You have totally passed all our expectations Zoe Wakeham parent to young actor Romanie Jija-Wakeham, Actor

Back to see Alexa for the second time because she's the best! I loved our headshots from my first shoot with her in 2018 and this second batch looks to be even better! Rachel Lin, Actor  

Amazing new headshots by AP Wilding.
Alexa is not only incredibly talented but such a lovely person. Never going to any other photographer, I definitely recommend!! 
...thanks to the headshots I’ve just been cast on a short film starting to shoot when I finish quarantining!!!
Maria Ribalaygua, Actor 

They are absolutely GORGEOUS!! Don’t even know where to start with choosing now as love them all!! ️
Thank you so much for your amazing work again!
 I wish I could have the lot as just gorgeous!! Chloe chansa, parent to child actor Keira Chansa

Just wanted to give my thanks again to the amazing @apwildingphoto. My brilliant new headshots have helped me to book four jobs this month. I can't recommend her enough !!
Kianna Grace, Actor 

Alexa is an incredible and knowledgeable photographer, the whole experience for my daughter was in a fun, relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere! Alexa spends quality time with her clients discussing their immediate needs and always delivers with beautiful photographs. Joanna Hugh-Jones, parent to young actor India Jazz

Another year, another set of fabulous headshots from the incredibly talented AP Wilding!
Honestly, I cannot recommend Alexa highly enough. Not only does she take amazing pictures, but she brings a wealth of industry knowledge to the process and knows just what casting directors are looking for. This is the third year Felix has been to her for headshots and every time we are blown away by the way she is able to capture so much personality in a range of looks and styles.
Jane Warren, parent to child actor Felix Warren

What a brilliant experience working with Alexa! I'm so in awe of her photographic skills. She's not only a superb photographer but she also fully understands the casting business, helping you to get your casting types just right and really working hard to understand you as a person and an actor. A real pleasure to be photographed by her - and I know the shots will make a real difference in my acting career too. Jacqui Lofthouse, Actor

A huge thank you to the best and most renowned photographer in the business AP Wilding aka Alexa for being so helpful and encouraging during my first set of professional headshots today. I was so impressed with the photos she took of me and had a mini-masterclass from her about getting a good range evoking the multiplicity of human archetypes. Through her brilliance I had: 'a salt of the earth sort who works on the market stall in EastEnders' type, an edgy psychopathic serial killer from an ITV Drama set on the East Anglian coast who could be a Terrorist mastermind in a techno-thriller' type, a '1950's nerdy geek who has a childlike wonder' type and a 'Mr. Stand-Up Comedy who could perform easily with anyone from Ricky Gervais to Bob Carolgees & Spit the Dog. Aachhhhh-phtooooo! Yasser Kayani, Actor/Comedian

This was the best headshot session I've had in 25 years! Alexa is fantastic at making the session relaxed and genuinely enjoyable. She was excellent at creating a variety of different looks and I have no doubt that they will really help in widening my casting possibilities. I cannot recommend highly enough.
Nick Danan, Actor and Artistic Director of Strange Fish Theatre 

I cannot even explain how amazing Alexa is. Over the years I've worked with tons of photographers and without a doubt Alexa is the best! From the minute you book your session the whole experience is so professional. When you're on your shoot it's like you're on set. She puts music on to suit the type of character shot you need and it really works as I was blown away with the looks I was getting in my pictures. I cannot wait to get my new headshots up on spotlight as I know I'm going to get lots of castings as the pictures are just so great:) x
Got pulled in for a casting the 1st day I put the pics up! Lindsey Peel, Actor 

Alexa was brilliant with my 5 year old on her first shoot. We had such a great experience taking headshots for the first time. My daughter felt so relaxed and comfortable. Alexa really allows you to feel at ease on the shoot and my daughter particularly enjoyed having her favourite song play during the shoot! I highly recommend Alexa. The photos came out stunning! 😍
Keighley Douglas, parent to young performer Raiyah Douglas  

It’s been a MAMMOTH task, trying to decide. They’re all so good! Even getting it it down to 4-5 favourites in each category was hard enough. But thank you for being amazing!! you are an absolutely insanely talented star!! Thanks AP Wilding for capturing all the characters. Over the moon! If you're looking for new headshots, check out Alexa's website. You won't be disappointed! Hannaj Bang Bendz, Actor

I cannot rate Alexa more highly. It also helped that she photographed half the company I worked with in LA and I love their shots. She totally put me at ease, we had such a laugh and we were really focussed about exactly what looks I wanted to capture for my casting. She had sent so much great communication in advance of our session so that I could take lots of options for clothes, looks, etc. I had never had a shot with glasses before so was thrilled to get the geeky shot I always wanted, for the first time daring not to be 'pretty'. We also got a killer 'femme fatale'. Radhika Aggarwal, Actor

Such amazing work and energy.
It was my 4 year old daughters first shoot and she made her so comfortable and relaxed, really couldn't have asked for any better.
All information is clear and precise, extra support in helping understand what would be required and planning for the shoot.
Photographs were outstanding!!

So amazing, thank you so much for today it was a great first shoot for Alexa. You are fabulous.
Makesha Sutherland, parent to young actor Alexa Sutherland 

AP Wilding hasabsolutely smashed it with these headshots! Honestly I'm blown away by how muchI love them and cannot recommend her enough to any actor looking to up theirgame Luke Aquilina, Actor 

Super-shout out for Master of her shutter, 
@apwildingphotowho has woven her characteristic headshot magic, with lashings of care, patience & proper tea 
Karenza Boscawen, Actor 

Thank you for Eden's AMAZING new headshots! It was a joy to work with you & Eden loved every minute.
From the start, Alexa was warm, welcoming and put us at ease and discussed what roles Eden wanted to get booked for and we based headshots with those in mind. We got some fabulous looks.
I would not hesitate to work with Alexa again. She's one talented photographer.

Tania Walsh, parent to young performer Eden Walsh 

Would recommend Alexa to everyone! If you’re looking for new headshots stop your search and just book her. She really listens to what you want and gives fantastic directions and advice resulting in shots that will really work for you. She’s also super lovely.
Andi Da Silva, Actor 

Right from the start Alexa has been amazing. She promptly answered enquiries, had really good communication during the booking process and leading up to the shoot date with lists of tips and suggestions to get the best pictures and the shoot itself was fun and full of energy. Most importantly, the photos were AMAZING. It’s hard to believe she can get so many completely different looks in such a short amount of time. Her experience in the industry is so valuable as she knows instantly how to style hair and clothes to capture the perfect shot allowing you to quickly move onto the next look. It was my daughters first professional shoot and Alexa’s great personality and simple to follow instruction made the whole experience fun and easy. There is a reason a lot of top agencies recommend AP Wilding. Highly recommend.
Denise Mullen, parent to young performer Lucinda Mullen  

Alexa will be my forever go to photographer from now on. My daughter had such a wonderful shoot with her. From start to finish, every shot, every choice, every consideration was done so with passion, knowledge and enthusiasm. She literally rocks and I couldn’t recommend her more highly!
I absolutely love them all!
Keziah Bolton parent to young performer Jessica Prentice 

This is the second time I've had my headshots done by Alexa, and as always I'm blown away by the final shots. The session itself is fun, relaxed and insightful. I don't think I'll ever have my headshots done by anyone else!
Tibu Fortes, Actor 

Having just had a photo shoot with Alexa, I can't recommend her enough! The second you walk in the door, you are made to feel at ease and relax. Extremely talented and not a second is wasted as you get a lot more than than your moneys worth. Alexa's experience is second to none and I learnt a lot from her.  
A huge thank you again Alexa as Im chuffed to bits with the quality of the images!
Darren Swain, Actor 

A P Wilding is by far the most professional and talented person, when it comes to your headshots. She has a wonderful bubbly personality and you enjoy yourself from start to finish, having a laugh, tea, coffee and music. She really cares about your look and stops to fix things she finds don't look right. She really knows her stuff and spends time getting to know you, your profession. Thank you A P Wilding Photography you're the best!
Mitchell Thornton, Actor 

Alexa really, really does her homework about you as a person in order to find out your true casting. SO important for photos because it gives you a character reality in every shot, not just pictures. She's also so relaxing and funny; if like me, you HATE having your headshots done, Alexa is the cure!!! Go Alexa, go!!
Jilly Connick, Actor  

Alexa came recommended to me as a friendly, not-scary headshot photographer and she does not disappoint!! I was so nervous but I really felt like I was listened to and she takes the time to figure out you as an independent and unique actor. After we made sure we had a mutual understanding of the "looks" I wanted she made it her mission to get just that and is completely hands-on. Would absolutely recommend - she's great!My agent was impressed by the range.
Anna Marie Burslem, Actor 

I had such a wonderful experience with Alexa! She is incredibly generous and really helped me figure out exactly what we wanted from the shots. She corresponded with my agent before and after the session as well to check in with what we were aiming for. All of that, plus helping me with hair and make up (Something I normally stress about in headshot sessions as I am not particularly good at it!) and I can honestly say it was actually fun! Thank you so much!
Kate Chambers, Actor  

Highly recommend Alexa, my 13 year old daughter absolutely loves shooting with her. Alexa has an excellent way of building relationships to ensure that the person she is shooting feels very relaxed and confident so she can get the best most natural looking headshots. Extremely happy with my daughters latest headshots thank you Alexa. You do have to book quite in advance but that’s because Alexa is so good and so much in demand which speaks for its self and proves how good she is! Definitely worth the wait!
Jenny Choudhury, parent to child actor  Emily Choudhury

5* - Would highly recommend A P Wilding to any actor! Only in 2 hours, we created such a range of characterful headshots for my career! Very pleased with how it all went!
Can't wait to see the finished product!
Matthew Michaelson, Actor 

I booked with Alexa, on my agents recommendation, and am so glad I did. Firstly, she explained headshots as never before. I'm in my late 40's, I've been an actor a long time and had a lot of headshots. No photographer has ever gone through the process and reasons like Alexa. We chose, maybe 5 changes which will cover every 'look' and character I'd be put up for. These are headshots to get you booked, not just for your mates to say how fabulous you look! Suzanna Hughes, Actor  

Alexa came highly recommended by two friends of mine and she absolutely lived up to her reputation. Not only is she so welcoming and professional, she’s really lovely company! Our headshot session flew by but we got so much done, and her attention to detail is remarkable. I’m very excited to see the final results. Thank you for everything Alexa!
Helen Parke, Actor 

WOW. I am just bowled over with excitement and confidence after my headshot shoot with AP Wilding today! 
Alexa is an incredible photographer. This is the first time I have had a female headshot photographer, and I am so glad that I was recommended her. I had a great day and came out feeling so confident, as Alexa is constantly encouraging you and making you feel amazing. Communication between us was flawless, and I was able to pick out a lot of tops and find the location easily. Thank you for a great day, I can't wait to see the finals!
Josephine Kook-Clark, Actor  

Alexa is, in one word, INCREDIBLE. It is extremely difficult to capture a still image encapsulating someone's entire personality/quirks/goals/abilities/etc., but Alexa has MASTERED this art. She takes the time to pinpoint specifics and create the perfect environment for her client to get the absolute most out of their time. Never have I enjoyed a headshot session so much. Even before receiving my gallery, I know I have a ton of useful images that will help my career. And she's a lovely human, to boot! Kristen King, Actor

As soon as I walked through the door I was made to feel welcome by Alexa. We sat down over coffee and had a natter over my casting type and what kind of jobs I'd like to do in the future, as well as actors that I admire. We then spoke about outfit choices and created 'looks' or casting types from my wardrobe. During the shoot she was incredibly attentive to my hair and make-up too, she really made me feel like a million Bucks. Throughout she complimented my amazing skin and eyes, which was a massive confidence boost, which we don't hear enough of as women. The photos look incredible, I'm over the moon with how they look already and I haven't even seen the final edit yet! I cannot recommend Alexa enough, she's super talented, but a lovely person to boot and really helps put her clients at ease. 
Nathalia Campbell-Smith, Actor 

THANKS SO MUCH for the insane shoot today Alexa !!!...How on earth do we decide???? They are all fabulous! ...Once again, huge thanks Alexa. What an extraordinary talent you are. It really was lovely to work with you and Tillie hopes to work with you again soon. Suzanne Murray, parent to young actor Tillie Murray

BRILLIANT HEADSHOT PHOTOGRAPHER! *** Just had a session with AP Wilding. You’ll never work with someone so positive, fun and helpful withcoaching you through the session, and helping to learn your type and yourmarket. A Photographic Powerhouse! Bryan Bounds, Actor

Such a wonderful experience shooting with Alexa. I am stepping back in to the acting industry after an 8 year hiatus and she could not have put me more at ease nor been more excited about my new beginnings! It's been a while since I was last in front of the lens, and I am so pleased I chose Alexa to help me begin this next chapter - she coached, assured and energised me to make me feel & look my best in front of the camera. I highly recommend A P Wilding Photography, you will not be disappointed. Gemma Crabtree, Actor

THESE ARE WONDERFUL! I cannot thank you enough. Honestly, I really appreciate your work, and how you have put me at ease through the whole process. Come tomorrow morning the whole of my social media is going to see how good you've made me look.
Amelia Eatough, Actor

Alexa provides so much more than a headshot. My son has always hated having them done but with Alexa it was different. From the moment we walked in, she made him feel relaxed. She sat and explained everything first, talked about different characters etc. She even let him choose his own music to get him in the 'zone.' Various characters were explored and we came away feeling that she'd really captured 'the moments' that no casting director could resist! I wouldn't use any other photographer now. Alexa understands actors! I'm looking forward to Isaac booking his first job with these headshots! Thanks Alexa!
Bekki Maddox, drama teacher and parent to young actor Isaac Benn

Alexa is a brilliant photographer and person!
I loved her energetic and vivid personality and absolutely professional approach. As a former actress she understands completely how different it is to show a character to the camera by acting (having the ability of using verbal and motional tools) and just staying still but still expressing a lot. She was very cooperative with the make up and hair styling too while taking the photos, directed a lot and I felt like I could 'trust her eye' completely. I didn't feel lost in front of her camera what I often feel during other portrait shootings. The whole atmosphere of the shooting was very personal and friendly, I didn't feel that I was just a customer who was buying a service, I felt more like an old friend (which might sound funny because I'm obviously not).
Would absolutely recommend her to everyone!
Ami Sandor, Actor

The most stunning new headshots of Elodie from the photographic magician that is @apwildingphoto. Thank you, thank you, thank you Alexa! These photos are priceless and we will treasure them forever. Excited for the opportunities they will hopefully bring her! Rachel Blomfield, parent to young performer Elodie Blomfield

Wow! - Alexa is incredible! Highly skilled and fabulously enthusiastic, Alexa made me feel comfortable and at ease from the moment I walked in. Taking time to get to know me and discuss the different looks we could go for, and what would make the best shots, she then efficiently and professionally worked her magic to capture lovely moments and fantastic photos. She has great empathy, is great fun to work with and is a supremely talented photographer! Thank you Alexa!
Jo Lothary, Actor

WOW!!! We just had a quick look at your faves on the train on the way home from an all day audition - and they are incredible!!! I can’t stop looking at them, they take my breath away... Honestly - I am blown away by them, and so is Asha. You are so ridiculously talented!! The agent really loved them ...Alexa is a wonderful photographer. My daughter Asha really enjoyed the session with her - she is warm and bubbly and very lovely. She is so very talented - the photographs were stunning and she really captured the different sides of Asha’s personality. She told us what shots she was going for before she started shooting - she chatted to Asha about the parts she’d been called in for and had a good understanding of that- and the photos she achieved were exactly how she described. She really knows her stuff. I am so delighted we chose her- she’s brilliant and we love the pictures so much! Sophie Banks, parent to young performer Asha Banks

Alexa is super friendly, passionate and highly knowledgeable about the casting side of the industry; we sat down for a chat, looked over my current head shots, discussed where I'd next like to take my acting career and then got on with it; a fun photography session in her gorgeous sunlit studio with loads of music to boot! She knew exactly what she was going for and I can't wait to see the final outcome!
Ramin Farahani, Actor

She is the best photographer you will ever get, not only for the quality of her work which is amazing but for her personality. She devotes all her attention to you and makes you feel at ease and she also has a great personality. My child had an absolutely great time with her and so did I, she was so nice as well to my other children who accompanied us. She also gives great advice about the showbiz industry, for example what casting directors are looking for and what type of photographs you need in your portfolio for the type of jobs you would like to attract. She is absolutely brilliant and worth every penny!!! Milena Lanzetta parent to young actor Massimo Cull

Alexa came highly recommended to me by several of my friends who have worked with her and she is just as lovely as I was told to expect. One of the friendliest people I've ever met, she instantly puts you at ease and takes the stress out of 'getting headshots'. She is also amazing at hair styling, I wish she could come and do my hair for me every day! There are honestly so many amazing shots to choose from, all so completely different but still 'look like me', that it's going to be really tough to narrow it down to the final few. I 100% recommend Alexa and will be returning to her again when I need to update my own headshots in the future.
Making final headshot selections is hard enough at the best of times but @apwildingphoto makes the job twice as hard! SO MANY amazing shots to choose from
Natasha Linton ( RN Caldwell), Actor

What a great experience with Alexa! We laughed, we joked, very relaxing couple of hours with some great direction from a classy lady who knows her industry. Am very happy with the end result and have a nice set of authentic moods and a few character shots for when needed. A great set for 2019 and see you in a couple of years for the updates. Highly recommended 🤩
Andrew Rolfe, Actor

Alexa provides a unique headshot experience which results in a most beautiful set of photos. Her talent lies in including music, fun, laughter and buckets of imagination in her approach so she can pitch the different moods these professional shots need to catch the eye of a Casting Director. Christopher said he felt calm, relaxed and inspired throughout the session and loved the whole experience. It's a tall order to achieve that sort of feedback from my teenage son so well done Alexa!
She is also a stickler for detail and 100% organised leading you meticulously by the hand from the moment you first book your session to when you receive the final shots ready for Spotlight. See you next year Alexa!!
Carole Gilling-Smith – parent to young performer Chris Gilling-Ulph

It’s an absolute pleasure seeing your beautiful pictures – we love them
OMG!!!! Issie LOVES LOVES LOVES Them!!!!!
Her agency absolutely WOWED about them – and they’re really hard to impress…..
Katriona Methven parent to young performer Isabelle Methven

Alexa is an incredible photographer, you instantly relax and my goodness she knows what she's talking about! Every headshot I've ever seen taken by her is amazing! I have had two lots of headshots taken by Alexa and I would happily book more just to hang out with her! I recommend her to every actor I meet, she's brilliant!
Elizabeth Mannering, Actor

Alexa is a force of nature and it's a delight to see the way she works. I'd booked a 1 hour "Short Session" for new headshots for my teenage son. She sent us excellent guidance ahead of time to make sure we got the most out of the session - on that basis we brought way more outfit choices than we otherwise would have. Alexa spent time getting to know Billy, speaking to him professional to professional. She worked like a director, helping him to get into character for the various moods - played music to suit the moods, based on his preferences. It was such a fun way to spend an hour. Can't wait to see the finished shots - from what we saw on the day, they look amazing! We left feeling like we'd known her forever.
Jodi Rilot, parent to young performer Billy Rilot

Just received this wonderful headshot of Miranda taken by Alexa . I watched her in action during the shoot and am totally in awe - knows exactly what she is aiming for, and gets it 100% from a very happy actor!
Sarah Beinart and Patten Smith, parents to young performer Miranda Beinart-Smith

Alexa is an amazing photographer. Makes you feel incredibly comfortable during the session providing suggestions and bringing out the best possible expressions in order to build a strong portfolio. The images are absolutely stunning. I met her in 2017 with Headshot Taster session and have just recently done the More Than a Headshot Session...Mindblown! They are all beautiful … They are all stunning and it has been incredibly difficult to choose.
Veronica Osimani, Actor

Besides AP being tremendously talented she offered me far more than her skill. Working with Alexa today was a truly amazing experience, she took a deeper interest in who I was as an individual, providing an instant connection between her and myself bringing about chemistry and fun. Alexa took my vision into in-depth consideration, providing excellent service through her meticulous way of working she was able to express my wants and ideas into a real life moment. Fantastic work by The Amazing A P Wilding.
David Omordia, Actor

Alexa is simply amazing, she made my 12yr old daughter feel so comfortable and talked to her at length to understand what she does and the style of photo that she needs. She really understands the industry and has so much passion for her work and her subjects that you just know that you will get nothing less than the absolute best!
Emma Billingsley - MUM Debbie Billingsley, parent to young performer

Alexa was amazing! My daughter came away grinning from ear to ear. She was thoroughly professional and really easy to work with. I haven't had the finished shots yet as we only saw her yesterday, but the shots that I saw on the camera were stunning. Go and see her! ... It was more than a headshot session - is there such a thing as being “Alexa-ed”?
Carol Rees, parent to young performer Emily Rees

… I thought I should let you know when I walked in the audition room, they had my headshot on the table and said “that must get you a lot of auditions!” Alexander Gordon, Actor

The photos are OUTSTANDING! I love them, thank you! ...Alexa is honestly the most wonderful person to work with! As someone who is quite awkward and normally uncomfortable in front of a camera, she made me feel relaxed and confident :) She is incredibly talented and really knows her stuff about the industry (that was super helpful for me!). My afternoon with Alexa was such an amazing experience - would HIGHLY recommend her!Nicola Jillings, Actor

We’ve recently had all three of the Wilder children headshots done with Alexa and couldn’t be more pleased. Her approach was professional and communication (what to bring, how to get there, reminders of the appointment, etc) was brilliant. I’ve no doubt she is great with adult actors, but kids can be really tricky to photograph. If a photographer isn’t genuinely warm, friendly, or approachable kids can find it difficult to get into the right mind frame for great shots; wasting precious time and likely having this reflected in the final images. Kids can sense that Alexa is genuinely friendly (likes kids), and her positive energy and enthusiasm can be infectious.

Equally as importantly, her solid knowledge of the industry is evident in her approach, style, and finished work. She spoke directly to and treated each child an individual, taking time to discuss what work they have done and what they would like to be considered more for in the future. She then helped to select appropriate wardrobe to achieve this. Taking a bit of time to discuss this is a really critical part of getting good headshots and I think many photographers neglect it. This approach not only produced the images we needed, but really made us feel more confident during the photo shoots.
Since having the headshots back and posted on Spotlight, I can honestly say that I have seen a significant rise in castings, recalls, and pencils - especially for my daughter who had a very quiet year in 2018. I highly recommend booking Alexa for headshots, but don’t leave it too late - she gets booked up fast!!! Jennifer Wilder, parent to Rafi, Gabriel and Athena Wilder

I took my three children to update their headshots and Alexa was absolutely fantastic with all three of them! Making the older one feel more grown up and professional yet so patient and friendly with my 5 year old who has a very short attention span. My son who isn’t as confident as his sisters was made to feel so relaxed and the photos are stunning! Such thought with their hair, clothing and facial expression to give them more than just a box standard head shot! We will most definitely be back when they need updating again.Stacey and Steven Turner parents to young performers, Madison, Cooper and Robyn Turner

I crossed the Channel just so I can have a headshot session with Alexa. And at least I can say it was worth it. It is for sure the best shoot I have ever had ! Thank you Alexa for everything ! Alexandre Mousset, Actor

Alexa is so warm and welcoming,I had been very stressed before hand for personal reasons and driving and parking in London but she melted it away instantly. I have had headshots before but nothing like this! She feels like a real friend...Your session was like therapy! Dilys Twiggs, Actor

We arrived in a state of chaos and stress, having left half our clothing options at home, but Alexa was calming and lovely and helped us solve our lack of options. The photos she took as we went along looked amazing and the whole process was beautifully thought out from the moment we arrived. Alexa is a pleasure to work with and the photos promise to be perfect. Thank you so much! Sally Brown, parent to young performer Darcey Brown

Had a "more than a headshot" session and honestly what a bloody gem this woman is. A great listener and able to interpret my vague aims into a beautiful and clear vision. Made the whole thing so much fun and so easy and SO ENCOURAGING. Beautiful soul.Esme Bronwen-Smith, Classical Singer

She has a great eye for detail - hair, lip colour etc - all the things could go wrong DON'T go wrong! She really cares about the end result - that you will have shots you are happy with, and which work for you.Kerry Owen, Actor

Love Love LOVE them!!! Couldn’t have wished for a better headshot session for my son! Alexa is amazing! The welcome pack she sent really did help prepare me. From when we arrived she made us both feel extremely welcome and comfortable. It was so relaxed! She went through Tyler’s outfits and helped choose which outfits would work best for different looks, which I absolutely loved! I have already highly recommended her to friends!Chelsea Ross, parent to young performer Tyler Ross

My daughter (Niamh) had her first photo shoot with Alexa yesterday. From the moment I made an enquiry with Alexa, she was incredibly helpful and provided all the information needed to allow me to make a decision. She did her research on Niamh and so from the moment we walked into her studio we felt we already knew her, and vice versa. The shoot was really fun, super organised but relaxed at the same time. Alexa has thought of every little detail that made it all so easy and hence fun (for both of us). Alexa sent the ‘fun shots’ the same day. I showed a friend and she thought these were amazing already - can’t wait to see the proper ones in a few weeks. We will definitely go back to Alexa, when updated headshots are required. Thanks Alexa. Lucy Wygers, parent to young performer Niamh Wygers

AMAZING!!! This is the seond time we visit A P Wilding for a shoot. Alexa has a great warm and welcoming personality, she's always full of great ideas and is fantastic with capturing emotion in her photography! Charlene De Jesus, parent to young performers Suri and Luna De Jesus

Oh my goodness!! Amazing!!!! Not only is AP Wilding lovely, kind and fun, she is so professional and personable, and really takes an interest in the client. As soon as I stepped into the studio she made me feel sooooo welcome and at ease. I was impressed when she invited me to sit down with a cuppa and have a chat, about me, about what I want from my career and about the industry and what casting directors look for. Already I was impressed with her attention to detail and her knowledge of the industry. We checked out my bundle of clothes together, looking at different materials, colours and neck lines, all being allocated to create a different look, showcasing an array of characters, moods and possible scenerios. The standard session was incredible. I had many shots, with an array of tops, hair styles and then towards the end a change of make up. Wow!!! I can't get over how amazing this woman is. I absolutely recommend AP WILDING 1 MILLION PERCENT!! AP = AMAZING PERSON - ASTONISHING PHOTOGRAPHER!!! 😃 Thank you Alexa!!!! Xxxxxxx Joanna Rose Barton, Actor

I recently had my headshot session with Alexa and what a wonderful experience it was. I thought I knew about headshots and things people look at- lets call it the basics (eyes etc). From looking at my current headshots which I liked- I was told it was the same person in different looks and that hit the nail on the head for me. The session was planned in advance in what order of shots we were going to shoot. The way Alexa works intuitively with her clients to capture perfect image was a joy to behold. From reviewing my headshots I am literally blown away in what looks Alexa has captured me in and I feel this will really open new casting brackets for me. Overall Alexa is at top of her game and I highly recommend her for any person looking to get their headshots done. Alexa builds up trust with the actor and provides a safe environment for the actor to really open up and allow their soul to be captured on camera. Thanks Alexa for the session it was a joy working with you.Marek Hollands, Actor

I've had a good look over the pics....gosh....they are amazing.
Thank you are such a superstar
Absolutely over the moon with my new headshots by @apwildingphoto what an experience. Can't recommend her enough. Thank you AP. Absolutely over the moon with my new headshots from the insanely talented @apwildingphoto what an experience. She is super amazing and I will highly recommend her forever Nance Turner, Actor

Finally got round to having some new headshots!!! So pleased with them, thanks to the incredibly talented Alexa AP Wilding. I had the best time in the studio working with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone who’s looking to get some done!Meinir Wyn Roberts, Classical Singer

Absolutely the best headshot photographer I’ve been to by far. Alex is very creative and makes you immediately feel at home and relaxed . She listened to what I wanted to achieve and discussed things in fine detail and gave great advice . I had so much fun and the headshots are by far the best I’ve ever had . I never thought I’d say that about a headshot session ever! Worth every penny . Completed trusted everything Alex advised throughout . Alex will be my go to headshot photographer every time.Moya Allen, Actor

Wow, Alexa, I love so many… You are without doubt worth every penny we paid, Saffron and Preston haven’t stopped talking about how they enjoyed having their photos done and how lovely you are xx Michael Arnold, parent to young performers, SaffronGrace Arnold and Preston Arnold

This was my first experience of a professional headshot shoot and I have to say I was nervous at first. Alexa talked to me and relaxed me. We chose the looks or types of shows I would like to work for and started shooting. She put me at ease with her words and directed me to get the best images. She also explained what made a good headshot which was very helpful. I had so many amazing images to choose from and to save me being overwhelmed she also sent me a gallery of her fave images and again explained why there we so good. I love my images. Alexa made me feel great and really helped me to get the best headshots ever. I've shown the proofs to my agent and he is very happy. I am sure they will help me to book even more work. I have and would recommend headshot sessions with Alexa to everyone. Hurry up guys book your session in before she gets fully booked! Thank you again Alexa xxxxx
Kez Anderson, Actor

A P WILDING captures the true essence of all the characters an actor has stuck inside of them wanting to get out. AP provides a true safe haven where you instantly feel excited rather than nervous! she Will make you feel so beautiful and capable! It's not a normal headshot session; It's like a celebrity version where you get to REALLY be the best version of you and she has unique techniques to draw roles out of you. I honestly will be back for the rest of my career! Thank you for everything Alexa. Do not even bother to look elsewhere!
…I really feel that they're going to open doors for me so I would like to thank you in advance. You have a very special soul and personality. I hope any success I have ultimately brings you success and may the same be for all the other clients you've photographed.
Kelly Juvilee Actor

Woohoo Alexa since Ive done my headshots by you Ive had 7 castings in the last 8 weeks and I’m pencilled in for an acting job filming in Belgium for a week next month! I love you so much I’ve never had so many castings and it looks like Im about to get my big break!! You are amazing xxxx
I’ve had more castings in the last 8 weeks than I’ve had in 2 years the headshots have worked amazing for me xx
Paul Brookwood, Actor

Your headshots are definitely helping to change the shape of my life and experience as an aspiring performer right now. Im not having a joke or trying to give you a big head dont mean to be all awkward singing praises everytime we talk either but I've experienced the before/after of us meeting... And there is a difference, your work made that difference. I'm in the race right now, your pics helped put me in the race I could have said much more in the review too I got PARAGRAPHS of SINCERE GRATITUDE to throw at you in reality...Michael Morgan-Gyekye, Actor

The most remarkable headshot shoot I have ever done. Wonderful treatment and understanding, fun and relaxing session. the results will be outstanding! I will never go anywhere else!Kevin Wallace, Actor

Wowzers these shots are fantastic, thank you so much!
Soooo pumped for my new headshots by the absolutely lovely and rather amazeballs AP Wilding! Totally ready for the opportunities these bad boys will bring
I definitely recommend AP Wilding she’s just fabulous! Xx
Shes a freaking genius!
Nicola Lean, Actor

Alexa was amazing from start to finish. Made me feel completely at ease and has so much infectious energy! She applied the perfect balance of asking me what I wanted and using her own expertise, which was exactly what I needed. Alexa really listens and helps you achieve amazing headshots with constant feedback and advice. I can strongly recommend going to Alexa, especially if you’re nervous about having your photo taken! I will definitely be coming back to her for any future headshots
Hanna Meriwether, Actor

Life update: I got new headshots done recently by AP Wilding and for the first time in YEARS, I was confronted with pictures of myself and DIDN’T want to crawl into a cave and die. Adeline Close, Actor

Working with A P Wilding Photography has been an awesome experience. I was extremely nervous about getting headshots taken for the first time, but the whole shoot was really fun and very supportive. There is constant communication from start to finish and a real friendly service always waiting for you. Absolutely recommend! Wow, there's so many great photos!
Thanks again, you rock!
Mandeep Sandhu, Comedian

It was an absolute delight to visit Alex's studio for my new photo session , she took time to talk with me and find out who I am,so she can capture the look I need .Before the session she took me through relaxation exercise so I really felt ready for the session.I will always have AP Wilding as my photography now and am looking forward to my next session with her .I recommend her very highly indeed . She is ideal for anyone who gets a little stressed about getting pics done .....
Lucien Morgan, Actor

Just wanted to let you know Halle’s headshots are working so well for her she did her first little commercial for Velux blinds the other week. Couldn’t be happier with them so again thankyou and we will book in again when we need more xx Di Barron, parent to young performer Halle Barron

Finally!! We have new headshots and different characters!! Hopefully they open many doors. Thank you so much to AP Wilding for a wonderful photoshoot. It was very special. I have never had so much fun. I highly recommend her. You enter as a stranger and come up with a friend!
Shaila Alvarez, Actor

you're the L'Oreal of headshots!...Thank you so much; I'm loving them already. It was such a pleasure meeting you and having you capture me.
Kumbi Mushambi, Actor

Highly recommend!!! Within 24 hours of my new pictures being up on spotlight I got two casting!!!!
I love love love! My new headshot!! Thank you Alexa!! ❤️📸
Charmaine White, Actor

Thanks so much for these – we are extremely pleased with the pictures and the shoot.You’ve made a huge difference to Issie’s marketability and we loved working with you.
Issie had her first TV casting recently, looks like new pictures are starting to get her seen. Katriona Methven, parent to young performer, Isabelle Methven

I just wanted to let you know that Drew got selected to be in The Lion King training school. You did promise that your headshots would get her work remember. So I just wanted to say many thanks and keep up your excellent work. I am a very happy mum. Syreeta Toussaint, parent to young performer Drew Toussaint

Just thought that you would like to know that not long after Sophie’s headshots were taken she was asked to audition for a new children’s tv series. To cut a long story short, she landed the lead role in the series. Thank you so much for such amazing photos that started her off on this incredible journey xxxNatalie Feldman, parent to young performer, Sophie

From our first conversation Alexa inspired confidence and put me at ease. Excellent advice before and during the shoot regarding wardrobe and makeup. The shoot day was a delight from start to finish. Alexa’s insight into the acting industry meant all bases were covered re: the types of character I’d be up for. Her eye for detail quelled all my anxieties and she even sorted my changes of look, makeup wise. Her great sense of humour and mood shifting music made for a relaxed atmosphere getting the very best out of me for some fabulous photos. I can’t recommend Alexa highly enough.
Thank you SO MUCH for the wonderful session. You’re a star ⭐️ and managed to make me feel like one.
Carol Walton, Actor

AP Wilding is a wizard with a camera! Highly recommended – she made the experience 99% less anxiety inducing, & felt like a goddess. All beautiful shots - such a hard decision! I love them! Madeleine Dunne, Actor

Alexa is a very talented and remarkable lady indeed. Upon arriving to my session I had the usual expectations of what a headshot session is like, but I can honestly say this is a session like no other. Alexa makes you feel at ease and comfortable and confident in yourself from start to finish, with her warm and friendly personality and positive and upbeat energy. The session is not only relaxing but it is also extremely enjoyable and the most fun I've ever had getting my photo taken. She listens to what you want to acheive and coupled with her own wealth of experience in the industry she is not afraid to offer her own ideas and opinions which I found most useful and helpful. She is hands on and helped me adjust my hair and makeup throughout the shoot to make me feel my best and eased my nerves, and has a couple of tricks up her sleeve which are so useful. By far the best shots I have ever had, it made picking the final ones very tricky indeed. Best headshots I have ever had!
Danni Darvill, Actor

I didn’t understand what all the fuss was about when Alexa was recommended, why would I use a different photographer than the ones charging for a cheaper rate?, well here’s why! Alexa provides you with experience and an understanding why each headshot needs to reflect a part of your personality, she takes the time to find out about who you are and which characters you can play, sets the mood with various playlists and got so much out of me in terms of character and direction, she is absolutely one of the best and a stellar recommendation if I could say so myself so if you’re looking for a grade a photographer with an understanding of this industry then I suggest you head over to AP Wilding, can not recommend enough and am excited to see where these headshots take me
Michael Burhan, Actor

Magic was the word... I think I said 'wow' rather a lot this afternoon. OMG this is going to be hard! Just had a v quick peek and they are all gorgeous! Booked Alexa for my 9 year-old daughter's new headshots and delighted we chose her. From the detailed instructions on what to bring, the music and Alexa's ability to do hair, pick outfits and bring out the best in every look, it was all so easy and relaxed. Daisy really enjoyed herself and from the peek I had at the photos as they were being taken, the end result will be even better than I had hoped for. Thank you so much! So pleased to have found AP Wilding, and cannot recommend her highly enough. Helen Mayer, parent to young performer, Daisy Mayer

The images are amazing, I can't thank you enough!
Absolutely incredible headshot photoshoot. A P Wilding ensures you are comfortable and works together with you to the utmost detail to get the best possible outcome for your needs. Fantastic quality, I won't be going anywhere else! Thank you.
Cara Kiri Coombes, Actor

We went to A P Wilding to have my daughters headshots taken and felt so comfortable as soon as we entered the studio, my daughter was instantly at ease. Alexa is so welcoming and friendly, we wanted to stay longer :)

I love the pictures!
Melanie Davy, parent to young performer, Sofia Christophe

Got my new headshots this morning with the wonderful and hilarious AP Wilding i am super excited to see them and am so grateful to have had such a brilliant morning today!
Wow! Love all 5 of the faves and so does my agent!
Elizabeth Mannering, Actor

Alexa is not only a professional photographer but she is also hugely knowledgeable about the industry having been under the spotlight herself. Putting our daughter at ease, making her enjoy herself and bringing out the best in her. Knowing what type of shots to take and discussing them makes Alexa a real find.
I truly love the photos!
Sophie Lovett, Actor

Fantastic professional shoot, Alexa is a brilliant photographer and all round wonderful human being. Would recommend to anyone and everyone!
Joe Feeney, Actor

Forget cheap headshots.... Been there done that..... Ap Wilding will change your look and even improve your castings
Richard Carter , Actor

Amazing experience with a talented lady. So like many actors you find yourself wondering if you could pay for cheaper headshots or is the service worth it. Let me say that Alexa is well worth the money. I’ve worked with many photographers but Alexa clearly made the effort to tailor the shoot to my needs. Alexa knows what casting directors look for, We talked about the shoot and the outcomes before starting. I was so relaxed by the time we got into the shoot that it was fun and easy. The shots look amazing, she managed to get such a wide range of looks from me which was impressive. I would 100% recommend her services to anyone.Most relaxed photoshoot I've ever had.
Matt Long, Actor/Director

Everyone is raving about the shots…. Alexa is amazing. My son's headshots are amazing and he had a lot of fun with her in the studio. Highly recommended.
She is an absolute genius behind the camera and knows how to get the best out of kids.
Michele Howell, parent to young performer, Declan Miele-Howell

Thank you one millon times for today you are adorable and so amazing ! Everyone should be just like you …I will recommend you to all my friends!...Alexa is an amazing woman and talented photographer - one of the best if you need headshots. She gives you wonderful advice and she is so positive, warm, kind and fun ! She pays attention to detail. I enjoyed my time spent with her ! I highly recommend her
Iola Nguyen, Actor, singer/songwriter

Thank you, Alexa @apwildingphoto!! #actors I have never been to a #headshot photographer before who cared so passionately that I got four different looks captured... and who also happens to be super fun/relaxing company:) #highlyrecommended #actorheadshot #london
Veronica Caddick, Actor

“Really love them.….Thank you so much! Ava had a fabulous time (and I did too!). You we're fabulous and I will certainly recommend you!!! Xxx”Krysia Ammerson, parent to young actor Ava Merson O'Brien

“We loved you ….you made Jess feel so good about herself which is lovely…” …“oh my, we got them they are so lovely - I don't think I'm going to be able to choose xxwhat a hard choice!!!!Love them all.”Joanne Roberts, parent to young performer, Jessie Roberts

“Thank you Alexa! I LOVE them...had such a great session with you.. I've already seen so many that I love! It's going to be hard to pick!....never going anywhere else for shots... ever! “ Premila Jennar, Actor

"I LOVE the images!...Fantastic photographer that really knows how to create a relaxed atmosphere at a shoot and find your best side!"Marta Svetek, Actor/Presenter

“I have received your email with the pictures - loooooved it! Such a hard work to choose now! Thank you so much, your work is wonderful! I feel so blessed!! Much love and blessings, M. xx” Mariella Di Cadore, Actor

…”loving them. I think you have pretty much picked the best ones as your fave's.…kids loved it, great experience for them and really impressed – loved your energy xx”Peyton Martin, parent to young performers Saskia Paige Martin and Sullivan Spike Martin

“They are just beautiful - thank you! …Ellen loved it and felt so at ease. Wow! We love them! Once again our thanks for a great experience - we will definitely come back!”Julia Coleman parent to young actor, Ellen Coleman.

“I just wanted to message and thank you so much for everything and that I have now downloaded my photos. I'm going back into the industry with my new headshots (which I love) and feeling so much more confident about what I can achieve now! I also wanted to thank you for the advice and help you've given me- its been fab! ...She's a complete dream!" Emma Riches, Actor

"Wow!! I am sitting here with a pad and pen, jotting down the numbers of the ones I like and there are just soooo many!!! ... You have just done such an incredible job that I'm finding it so hard to choose! Haha - it's a very good problem to have! ...I just can't get over what an incredible photographer you are!!"Tara Quinn, Actor

“They are gorgeous, love love love them!! :) …Thanks for a great shoot! Keira had a fantastic time !Xxx”Chloe Chansa, parent to child actor/model, Keira Chansa

“These pictures are so amazing!!! Thank you so much!...Thank you for such a wonderful session. Both Yiannis and I had a fantastic time!”Madina Kudarova, parent to young performer, Yiannis Shamtani

“People are loving your pictures …Great shots Best ever …Very talented xx”Crispian Belfrage, Actor

“I have new headshots and they're so lovely I could cry! AP Wilding may actually be a wizard.”“ the images look amazing! everyone picked this one, it's just fantastic!…Thank you so much, it was so nice to have such a great time (for once!) … Fantastic! Thank you so much for all your hard work and being so amazing to work with, I will be singing your praises to anyone who even vaguely mentions headshots forevermore!”Gayle Richardson, Actor

"LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!... I knew you'd do a brilliant job… You're amazing.…“Just spent some amazing time in the company of the absolutely brilliant and lovely AP Wilding. Thank you so much xx” KC Flanagan, Actor

“They are so fabulous …Leah and I absolutely love the images. …I will highly recommend you Alexa, not just for your expertise but also how you put us both at ease and really made out visit most enjoyable…. I know we will be back.Take care and thank you so much. Best wishes Victoria and Leah xx”Victoria Rosen parent to young performer, Leah Rosen

“Thanks so much for these! I can’t wait to start using them. A huge thank you once again for everything you’ve done to produce such fantastic photos. I loved working with you and hope to work together again on future photos when the time comes! Best wishes, Susannah”Susannah Hardwick, Classical Singer

“Thanks for looking after Shanti…it was her first photo session and she really enjoyed it. .. Wow. Some great photos. Brilliant, you got her! We are thrilled. Ron x”Ron Scalpello, parent to young actor, Shanti

“Wow Alexa, they are completely incredible!!!!!!Love them all… They are truly wonderful, thank you so much.”Harrison and I have re-named you this morning, Alexa ‘The Miracle Door Opener’ Wilding! Lol Just had to let you know, straight away. I applied to the biggest modelling agents last night and this morning we have two invitations to go in! You are an absolute superstar and we could never have opened those doors without your incredible images, thank you, thank you, thank you." Samantha Watson, parent to young actor/model, Harrison Watson

“have to say it was the best experience…Fab images…What a fun session. .THANK YOU SOOOOOOOO much xx”Tamara Wilder, Actor

“I had a blast with @apwildingphoto today. I feel so good about myself! Can't wait to see the pics :)” #acting #headshots“Thank you so much for my images! I absolutely love them! … the pics are just too good to resist”. Jessica McClellan, Actor

“There are some real gems - thank you so much for a lovely session – you allayed my fears so much! …( agent LOVED them :) You have done some fabulous work; I will continue to sing your praises….I am delighted. Much love and have an amazing summer”Vee Tames, Actor

“I am so suprised that were are SO many of myself I actually like!!...( agent ) loves them…”… “AMAZING!! I am so happy! …love, love, love them and YOU! Working with you felt like I was hanging out with an old friend.” Amylee Bliss, Actor

“LOVE them all!!...Alexa, our fave photographer by miles xx” Mary Brown, parent of young performer Jennifer.

Hi Alexa,thank you so much!!!!! The pics are so wonderful that I decided to buy another two!great fun! My family and my acting coach love them as well so thanks agian!x Marlene Ganneshofer, Actor

“These are amazing, thank you :) …That you again for these - they are great and I’m a very happy client …AP Wilding you and your work are bloody awesome :) thank you again for these x” Grae Clarke, Actor

“really love the shots thank you! …I love all of them so it's been a really tough process!!” …”A P Wilding is actually fantastic and made the whole session so comfortable and great!!"”Steve Aaron-Sipple, Actor

“Omg I love them, you are fantastic at what you do, thank you! Rae X” …. Head shots are in, taken by the most amazing photographer AP Wilding. You made me feel so comfortable, thank you x Love them!” Rae Dwyer, Actor

“In love with the headshots taken by the gorgeous genius that is AP Wilding! Thank you for the images! I love them!! Can't wait to share them on social media! :)Thank you again for such a great shoot!! Can't wait to work with you again in the future! “AmbikaXx“ the pictures are so good, it's hard to decide which ones haha!” Ambika Sharma, Actor

“WOW. It has been tough to choose because so many of them are excellent…Thanks a billion, really love the images and very happy with the finished results. Already updated my Spotlight and will do a Facebook blast, singing your praises this afternoon. Thanks again, you wonderful human being, you! Xx”...“Some more shots from my session with AP Wilding. Who is both an extremely talented and professional photographer but also an incredibly wonderful human being. Her knowledge, experience and personality allow you as a performer to have fun on camera leading to some great shots. I can't recommend her enough especially to those performers that would normally hate doing a headshot session, Alexa manages to make it so pain free and enjoyable. James Alexander McInnes, Actor

“Thank you so much, they look fab, thrilled to have them! Thanks Alexa your fab photos prob got her picked in the first place! Thank u so much, mad times! Lots of love xx ( on her role in “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof” with Sienna Miller – how exciting! )Luisa/Andrew Berg – parents to child actor, Nya Summer

“Have got the galleries .... Wow!! So many stunning shots, thank you so much.Leah really enjoyed Thursday so thank you for that, I will definitely be recommending you to EVERYONE! Thank you once again, you are a true artist.... 0807 and 0811 are my favourite photos of Leah she has ever had taken.” Cops Tucci, parent to young actor Leah

“Thanks so much for your patience and for taking these great shots…she ( agent ) said she loves them all… I absolutely love them and have recommended you to friends looking for new headshots! X” Elizabeth Fernacre, Actor

“Thank you so much for the amazing photos of Ellie. We are so pleased with the way you captured her on camera …thank you again for working your magic”Elizabeth Searle , parent to young performer Eleanor.

“Alexa Darling you ROCK!!! best head shots I've ever had :)…I absolutely love these head shots and so did Sandy ( agent )!XXX” Mia Lacostena, Actor

“I love them….Cannot recommend AP Wilding photography enough. Thank you Alexa.... headshots that actually do work! ( referring to Sam’s job in pop video with a very famous singer - top secret! )Claire Scott, parent to child actor, Samuel.

Thank you so much for these lovely photos.
Many thanks for such a successful shoot which was so much fun for Tabby. She absolutely loves the photos and I’ve banned her from picking all of them!
Emily Byron - Agent Byrons Management and parent to young performer Tabitha Byron

We love them, thank you for being so brilliant at what you do @apwildingphoto !
Emma Bowen parent to young performer, Grace Doherty

“I LOOOOVVVEEE THEM!!!!!” I LOVE the ones I have chosen and really think it shows different aspects of me and is very castable.Thank you so much Alexa, I think you are fab and will continue recommending you! More importantly I will remember you when I am famous!!!" Shereen Roushbaiani, Actor

“Was lovely to meet you and we both loved your energy and efficiency. Vitaly really had fun! I also loved the fact that you were so calm and efficient yet warm and inspiring too!...We love the images. …Vitaly really enjoyed himself and he really liked you a lot!...He just loved it. ..Fantastic photos –its so great having a photographer from an acting background who can really direct. And a stylist as well!” Sarah Harrison, parent to young performer Vitaly Outkine.

"The shots look fab thank you! ….I love the fact that he looks so different. Some shots are smiley and cheeky while some of the others are mean and moody, and in some he looks quite dark with attitude!!! I love that you were able to draw that out from him! “Just wanted to drop you a line and thank you for having us in your studio today. Ollie really enjoyed himself, you made him feel very comfortable and relaxed!... Hi Alexa,Thank you very much they are great!!No doubt we’ll be back with you next year for an update!All the best Sarah and Ollie xx "Sarah Cunliffe, parent to child actor Oliver

“so many lovely ones to choose from!... they absolutely loved it! Thanks for making it such a relaxed fab shoot!x”…“I've had so many people say how fab your work is by the way - on a shoot with Eva last week talking to other parents, their kids have pro headshots but think yours are a cut above!!"Gemma Marriott, parent to child actors, Alex and Eva.

“Just arrived home and wanted to thank you again for the headshot session this afternoon for Paige. You really put her at her ease so she really enjoyed it….Thank you so much for the images, they are brilliant. You have made Paige look amazing. We will be back again in 6 months for the next lot of headshots.”Paul and Debbie Noyce, parents to young actor, Paige

“Thank you so much for a great shoot and images that will fully serve the various requirements.On a personal note I could have gone bit mad with choice! But had to reign myself in.Look forward to the next time. Kind regards Jenny x”Jenny Galloway, Actor

"Thank you soooo much. Beautiful photos. I'm very pleased. I can't stop looking at them. Lol there gorgeous You made me look beautiful lol.Highly Recommend A P Wilding Photography for Headshots. Best Headshots I've ever had!! Very Pleased with the results. A pain free headshot session with a variety of looks achieved. Can't recommend enough plus Alexa is lovely and very knowledgable about the industry and really creates a positive atmosphere so you feel most comfortable and helps get the best out of you. ...Thank you again for the best headshot session I’ve ever had!x”Emma Hallinan, Actor

"Sooo hard to decide so I think we'll go for all the photos in the faves file!...Thanks, they're gorgeous, those eyes!! You made Zara feel so at ease right from the start – no wonder the photos are fab!... Thank you once again, they're really striking photos. Hope to work with you again in the future".Karen Gilhooly, parent to young performer, Zara.

“Els's new headshots that you did have made a huge difference. She is now getting noticed and has had many more opportunities. Two more short films in the bank! Thank you Alexa x....They're absolutely gorgeous, thank you. Love them!!...You made it so easy. Maddie said she cant wait to do it again! I love the photos and it’s been very tricky to choose. Thank you SO much.” Michelle Bradfield parent to young performers, Els and Maddie.

“after much deliberation I am choosing to go with your favourite pics!they look fantastic…It was lovely meeting/working with you - I will definitely be recommending you to my acting buddies x”Carlton James, Actor

" Guess what, Agent just called and said "your new Headshots have worked wonders as I have a casting audition for you"!! “Agent has already send me a Wow!... Thank you so much for your encouragement and help, what my agent said about your shots in particular is that you caught strong eye contact looks… Reckon he'll be recommending you from now on. Love Annie xx”Annie Williams, Actor

“The images are stellar …it was the best experiences being photographed I’ve ever had! Thanks a lot for everything, I love the headshots and I'm excited to be using them now!”Noelle Black, Actor

“THANKYOU!!I have loved this process and I am so glad I found youI really appreciate your approach, your creativity and your professionalism. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending you to anyone who may be a little camera shy ...You are so great – the images are so rich and the whole experience has been a real education in how subtle differences in energy and state make such an impact on a photo...thank you for making it so easy!”Clare Fisher

“ I had a really enjoyable time!... it was a hard choice as they were all excellent shots.Once again a big thank you for all your work. I had a great time and the shots are fab.”Aidan Valentine, Actor

“I’m your no1 fan! - Thanks again so much for a fun session, very happy with the results!!" Afsaneh Dehrouyeh, Actor

“ I got all the images ok and I love them!! Thank you so much for everything, I really enjoyed the session ( which is not something I thought I’d say about having headshots taken). Xx”Margi Humphrey, Actor

"New Headshots for Lilly Ebsworth Thank you Alexa AP Wilding They are GORGEOUS as always :)Both Lilly and Ollie had a great time " Denise Ebsworth, Dee Boss Agency and parent to child actors, Oliver and Lilly.

..." my agent absolutely love them! ...I’m obsessed! They’re so amazing thank you so much!……Yesssssss I can't wait! … thank you so much you were an absolute joy to work with!! I can't thank you enough, I felt very at ease and just excited to be shooting with you!... agent absolutely love them!”Chris Parkinson, Actor

“Oh Alexa, What have you done?? I am totally blown away with these and have no idea how to keep my bank balance from busting - I simply love them all. I am so grateful you have separated a shortlist. I absolutely love the period look ones - so gentle, so soft and sooooo pretty - …the agency think you’re amazing! Thank you soooo much - you are so talented and lovely. Fiona & Georgie xx”Fiona Hall, parent to child performer.Georgina Bluck

"thank you thank you thank you! i literally cannot thank you enough i am in love with your work! ...Thank you so much for today –literally couldn’t have felt more relaxed, comfortable and you were amazing to work with. Your direction was perfect, your ideas and all your help was just amazing! Today was just a dream!How are you so amazing??? I literally love my images I am so so happy can't believe the result…I've recommended you to so many people so I do apologise if your workload increases over the next month but you shouldn't be so fab! Lots of love Abi Xx”Abi Bulman, Actor/Singer/Dancer

“Thanks so much for being so professional and lovely! …Thanks again for the photo's they are great!I will also happily recommend you to anyone who asks! … I have done countless photo shoots both for headshots and other shoots and you were by far the most engaged, helpful and genuinely cared about the shoot which of course reflects in the photo's. So huge thanks!!” Helen Oakleigh, Actor

“Picking just 3 shots is the problem!... my agent is v happy with the, as am I! Thanks again for a great shoot and such lovely results! X” Joe Prospero, Actor

“OH MY GOD I LOVE THEM. THANK YOU!” Thank you Alexa, I loved working with you. Going to recommend you on the Hustle when I've got my song reel together. You were really inspiring, behind the camera and in general too! Love the way you work. Love Kelly xx" Kelly Young, Singer/Actor

“Love the photos …The children really like the photos too - usually Emma doesn't like any photos of herself so you've done a great job. Thanks for your patience on the day!I am sure we shall see you again - children grow very quickly! “Clare Castell, parent to child actors

“I can't believe it but I actually LOVE them! Haha! You're brilliant! …Honestly, I'm so happy with the photos and can't thank you enough…You're brilliant at what you do! …I will be recommending you to everyone. The whole experience has been so enjoyable and easy!”Fiona Jones, Actor

“I had such a lovely time and I honestly didn’t expect it to be that much fun. Thanks for everything! …can’t believe how happy I am with the results. …I really love the photos. And I had such a great time! I'm sending all my friends to you haha. Xx” Anne Klein, Actor/Comedian

"Took the girls for a little photo session over Christmas with the amazing AP Wilding. So in love with these shots “Love them!! The girls had such a lovely time shooting with you! “Absolutely love the shots of Honey and India Thank you so much again can't wait to start using them!Jen xxxx" Jennifer Harper, mum to model daughters Honey-Mae Harper, India-Rose Harper,

“OMG...That was soooo difficult :) I wanted them all!I Love love love them Alexa - you make me look amazing! “ I LOVE them! …He (agent ) loves them…you were so nice an bubbly. My kind of person.... Thanks so much for yesterday, I had such a good time and you made it so easy!Anette Martinsen, Actor

“Maybe my favourite photo of me ever! … Love them!” Had a awesome photo session with the genius AP Wilding" Lauren Okadigbo, Actor/Martial Arts expert

"Absolute joy to work with. She puts you at ease as soon as you walk in and then works tirelessly to get you the exact shots you need, all the while listening to what you want. Highly recommend!"Penelope Ann Shipley, Actor/Singer

"Morning spent with @apwildingphoto, who makes having a camera pointed at your face ACTUALLY ENJOYABLE. The lady is just so good at her job.These are absolutely gorgeous!!! As ever, you're a legend.” Niahm Walsh, Actor

“Got them and LOVE them…You’ve just made me look SO beautiful it’s been hard to choose - they’re lush! xxx” Jason Kirk, Actor

"Ahhh I love them so much, I'm so excited to replace my old photos “ they all look great, I don't know if I'll be able to keep it down to just the three included! Thank you so much…. I had the best time! So glad I chose you! …gotta recommend you to everyone!”Emily Sesto, Actor

“These are fantastic. I love them… She (agent) loves them…”Chin Nyenwe, Actor

“They are GORGEOUS!...I LOVE THEM! I've had a hard week but this has picked me up!…I’ve just raved about our session to my actor friend. Thank you for making it so much fun!...I'll be recommending you to my actor friends.”Lizzie Stanton, Actor

"Thanks guy bless ya'll x credit go to the hottest new headshot queen AP Wilding for hooking a brother up! Thanks soooo much for my dope shots! “…Wow!! These shots are great! Thank you sooooooooo much they are fab!..Thanks so much – you are very supportive and easy to work with x” Yinka Awoni, Actor

"Being relatively new to the industry it's impressive to find someone as open and informative as Alexa. She made me feel very comfortable and was able to give me great advice which resulted in some great shots. Highly recommended." My agent also said she loves the pictures.Franck Assi, Actor

“Alexa was great the whole shoot - she didn't stop complimenting me which really gave me a confidence boost resulting in, in my opinion, some great headshots! She made me feel relaxed, at ease and it was an enjoyable experience! Thank you for being so positive and professional. I love them!” Elizabeth Warburton @ Keddie Scott Associates

“Just had a look at the headshots and I have to say... I LOVE THEM!” I CAN'T STOP STARING AT THEM! These are some of the most amazing shots I have ever received from a headshot photographer before. You are definitely one of the best in the biz. I actually feel like these are going to help me book some amazing roles! everyone I have sent them to has been raving about them! My Mum especially loves them... and is actually going to send you an email herself :)"Premila Jennar, Actor

"My daughter let me view the headshots you had taken.I wanted to say you are absolutelt brilliant! Premila has had other headshots taken where I've thought she looks lovely etc, but when I saw the shots you had selected my first reaction was "woah! Hollywood/Bollywood/Kollywood star".You are definitely the JK Rowling and JR Tolkein of the photography world Thank you for doing such a great job for Prem. Not just the photography, but also the makeup and the hair!" Nirubasini Paramalingam, parent to actor Premila Jennar, Actor

"I can absolutely recommend every actor and actress to be photographed by Alexa aka AP Wilding she is a magician!" Katharina Weithaler, Actor/Writer

“Love these head shots I did with @apwildingphoto Fantastic shoot, relaxed, fun & had so many gr8t pics to choose from!” “Thanks so much for today I had a really great time and it was such a relaxed shoot. Loved it.” Sebastian Goffin, Ballet Dancer/Singer

"I have to thank @castingcallpro and @apwildingphoto for helping towards a VERY exciting audition next week! "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways... @apwildingphoto ... You nailed it. ... Look! A woman made me look purrdy! Thank you so so much@apwildingphotography I am forever in your debt. " Ebony Cassie Corrick, Actor

"Hey Alexa, just thought I'd tell you that after my headshots came through I emailed about 10 agents with my headshot and Spotlight link (just on the offchance, thinking I'd have to do a big mailshot after the holidays). About half of them were interested and I've just signed with Imperium Management! All thanks to your headshots I'm sure! Thanks again, and I'll be back for more, I'm certain x" Siobhan Schofield, Actor

“I knew it was a great shot when we got it and now the world will get to see your work! Hope more referrals come your way!!! X”(referring to his leading role in major new US TV series: Stephen King's "The Mist"). Okezie Morro, Actor United Agents

“Was the headshots that sealed it…thanks Alexa..” On his new role as Barney in Eastenders ( Aug 2016 ) Scott Wickes, Actor

“Alexa- I secured three direct bookings in the last few months based purely on my head shots - thank you, you amazing photographer woman you!!!" Jennifer Hanah, Actor

"What can I say? You are so talented! They are absolutely stunning and we are thrilled to bits with them." Lucy Elson, Actor

“…going through my new headshots by@apwildingphoto They're so lush, thanks babe- it's impossible to choose!!”@apwildingphoto @The_Actors_File Thanks Alexa!! SO happy with them (literally just got out of a casting- so they're working already!!) Holly Georgia, Actor

“Love them!…. They look amazing. I’m so happy with them…I’ve been raving about you all afternoon …thanks for making it such a fun morning!”Nathalie Chalkley, Classical Singer

“Genuinely the best headshot session I have ever had! Proper consultation, totally relaxed atmosphere, career focussed shots and fun! Can’t believe how many looks we got through! Thanks so much - worth every penny! ☺ “David Cumming, Actor 

“I love them!! Especially all the ones you chose, I looked through the others too and it worked out that all my faves were your faves too!... “Thank you for making me feel so comfortable! X “ Natalya Martin, Actor

“So as you could tell I added an extra three as I found it hard just to choose because they're all amazing. And thanks again for all the help and fun at the shoot Nathaniel xx” Nathaniel Ellul, Dancer/Singer/Actor

"@apwildingphoto AMAZING photo shoot. I am soooo impressed and I still look like me! #recommend #beautiful #thankyou"...“I LOVE THEM!! Oh my goodness I absolutely love them.Thank you so so much, they are exactly what I was hoping for, and I'm not theonly one who thinks they've really captured the spirit of 'me': both on and offstage.” Elin Manahan Thomas, Classical Singer

“You rock!..the band love your work”. Gryphon, Band.

“Alexa really puts you at ease and as mixed race woman with big hair she understood how important it was to show off, not simply flatten to fit the frame. They were all so good, I honestly struggled to narrow them down. Thank you for putting all past headshot fears to bed. X” Jasmine Raymond, Actor

“I truly love them all!!! They're amazing, thank you very much for making me look good on them!!!I will definitely recommend you to everyone I know, it was lovely working with you and I'm really happy with the results! Many thanks Xxxxx” Ivan Blanque, Actor/Singer

"Just after uploading the first batch of photos someone tracked me down on CCP and I was offered a job without even auditioning. A P Wilding's actor headshots are in my opinion some of the best in the business. If you want your photos taken in a relaxed, warm and friendly setting, and are looking for top quality headshots which show your best features in a range of contrasting looks, then I would recommend you book a session with A P Wilding now. " Alex Walker, Actor

“Quite simply the best headshot session I’ve ever had! Thank you so much for the gorgeous pics… I love them you’re a star!Xxxx” Jaleh Alp, Actor

“Thank you so much! Was amazing working with you. You created such a relaxing and fun atmosphere...Thank you so much for the photos. They are great! I like all the faves! It is going to be a difficult choice.”Camilla Oakes, Actor

“You went above and beyond the call of duty… The photos are AMAZING… thank you thank you thank you… Thanks again, we really were spoilt for choice. Leonie xxx” Leonie Hill, Actor

“Thanks for the images. It was very hard to make a final choice as so many of the images were really good. I like your use of natural light in so many of the photos. It was great to work with you. I had a lovely afternoon and am very happy with the results.”Anne Cheng, Business Consultant“The session with you was like a breath of fresh air x” Jules Woodman, Actor

“Thank you so much again for the amazing shots I absolutely love them! …Thank you again for making the shoot so comfortable, you really gave me a lot of confidence…” \”“Big thank you to Alexa Wilding for my amazing headshots. I would highly recommend using her! She made the whole process so relaxed and enjoyable and managed to make me look like a movie star!”Tanya Bridgeman, Actor

“Thanks for all of this, really happy with the results!...will be thoroughly recommending you! Thanks again, and looking forward to more shoots in the future xx” Rob Ostlere, Actor

“It was honestly the most painless and enjoyable headshot session I’ve had! The shots are brilliant, thanks ...“I love them! My agents also loved them. They look like me and feel like me. So, thank you so much for your support and kindness! I'll be recommending you ALWAYS.”Crystal Clarke, Actor

“Yay! These are amazing!!!… You’re the best…Raving about you to other dancer/actors! I love them! Thank youuu :) You’re amazing!” Charlotte Fox Actor

“My agent was very happy with the finished photo. I've had 3 auditions in one week of using your headshots so I'm very grateful. X” I consistently get very positive feedback from the industry about my headshot. I was in an audition yesterday and they kept repeating on how good it is and how much it looks like me too. So I can't thank you enough, your photography is helping to open doors, and I feel really confident using it which is so important! Hayley Powell, Actor

“Thank you so much for last Saturday, don’t think I’ve ever felt so relaxed and happy at a photo session. “ Valerie Smith, Actor

"Alexa I'm absolutely in love with these...THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Thank you!!!! it was such a relief to final work with someone who goes the extra mile to make sure you look and feel gorgeous before the shoot and interacts with you the whole way through making sure you are ok and happy. It was the first time I’ve ever walked away from a shoot smiling and knowing Im going to love the pics! Thank you so much. Alexa, you really are one of a kind…. amazing woman!... I'm keeping you for life" xx Charlie Bond, Actor

“Hi Alexa! Just wanted to say thank you! I'm so please with my headshots because my last ones, I never thought they looked like me, and it made me so stressed showing them to agents, but with the photos I took with you I'm so pleased with. I think they look lovely....+ I think they look like me ! All best and thanks x" Johanna Lowenborg, Actor

“It was really a pleasure working with you Alexa. Thank you so much for all these amazing pictures… really not that easy to decide when there are so many gorgeous ones. I can't wait to show them to my Agent and to start using them. I've already recommended you to lots of friends and family.I'm really happy to finally have a great variety of looks and expressions for headshots!” Simone Schmidt, Actor

” Was just contacted for a commercial from my headshot on your page! Booked for filming Saturday - Boom! “Cleo Jaeger, Actor

“Was absolutely fantastic meeting you! I just totally clicked with you straightaway and enjoyed it so much! Best day ever! I was 100% myself today. “…” the shots are absolutely fantastic!!! It just shows in the photos how much I enjoyed the shoot! Thank you so much! X” Paul Brookwood, Actor

“These are all fabulous, thank you so much! It was great to meet you and I will sing your praises on FB!”…“Had a simply marvellous shoot with Alexa Wilding A P Wilding Photography and very pleased with the results! Happy happy. X”Clare Aster, Actor/Singer /Musician“Whooooooo I love them thank-you so much Alexa!!! …Really pleased I found you! Will be coming in the future again! Love Emily xx” Emily Salter, Actor

“Thank you so much Alexa for these amazing shots! Super fun, talented and most of all what a lovely person you are. Xx”…“Everyone loves the images, your work is amazing. I love them all. It was a pleasure to work with you and thank you for capturing such great images,! Xx”Amy Evans, Model

“OMG soooooo love the photos! Struggling to pick but I love so many!!! THANK YOU! … So many people have asked me who did my photos - everyone loves them!!!! As do I …Really can't thank you enough !!! Xx” Danielle Cato, Dancer

“Oh my god these are INCREDIBLE!..I just can’t decide I want all of them! Thank you thank you xx“... “Beaming with joy after my photo session with the incredible @apwildingphoto She totally rocks!” Claire Redcliffe, Actor

“Hi Alexa....OMG they are amazing, really are the best photos I have ever seen of myself… I have so much work now through the photos you took so you can imagine how happy I am :-) …”I’ve just landed ANOTHER job down to your photos! Woman said your photos are lovely and you're just what we're looking for. Going to be acting in a new feature movie so can't thank you enough Alexa x” Brandon McConnell, Actor

“Alexa, they look incredible I could cry after years of being so unhappy with my headshots,they finally look like me.”… “You made me feel fabulous! And they look like me! Thank you! Thank you Thank you!” Can't wait to send them out so chuffed!” Sally Ann Staunton,Actor

Very happy!! I will have no hesitation in pointing potential work in your direction.“ Okezie Morro, Actor

“Thank you so much Alexa! I had a great experience … Love the images! Lots of love and thank you for your lovely work again.” Thank you somuch for your stunning work and I would love to shoot with you again". Amanda Matea, Dancer/Yogateacher

“Thanks Alexa! it was so much fun! Best headshot session i have ever had- the first one I’ve walked out of and felt really good about myself as well as being excited about the pictures! Thanks again!... Friends and family thought they were the best ones I had had taken too! I am really pleased.x" Charlotte Christie, Actor

“Wow is all I can say… It was great working with you. Felt like I’ve know you for years and I felt so at home. Love the way you work and thanks for all x” Geoff Norris, Actor

“Thanks again for a great session – am still flying and feel inspired! You’re a star!”...“OMG they’re great! You’ve given me a really tough job to choose now! You’re an inspiration!” Sally Bosman, Actor"THEY'RE UNREAL! Thank you so much, Alexa. You truly are God's gift to anxious actors. I'm so glad I've found you.Thanks again! Haeleigh" x Haeleigh Royall, Actor

"A few of the wonderful photo's I now have to use....courtesy of the amazing Alexa - at AP Wilding photography ! I'm really happy with the results.Some great shots! Thanks again – you made it lovely experience." Adrian Eden, Voice Over Artist

'New Headshots courtesy of the amazing A P Wilding Photography. 3 different shots and 3 different characters! If any actors out there need to update their headshots - give AP Wilding a go. Highly recommended! ‪#‎actor‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ ‪#‎headshots‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬‬ #2016 .. " Karl Fredrick Hiemeyer, Actor

" Thank you SO much Alexa! They are wonderful! “I absolutely looooove the images!! We got some great images! Can't wait to have them up for the agents to see and I can't wait to shoot with you again in the future…had such a wonderful day and I’m definitely recommending you to everyone in future!xx” Kind regards Rebecca xRebecca Dearsley, Actor

“I'm really happy with them!! I just want to say it was solovely working with you, that is the most comfortable Iv ever felt during ashoot and I actually liked the photos straight away rather forcing myself tolike them! Thank you so much!! Alex Bowen, Singer/Dancer/Actor

“I had a great time on the shoot, thank you. Thank you so much. I shall definitely be returning to you when I need new headshots in a few years. I just got back from a long weekend and what a lovely set of images to come back to. So much thanks, I adore them!”Anna Lacey, Actor

“Thanks so much for the lovely shots. Think we did get a really nice range, so I'm very grateful for your artistic assistance.”“I spent days looking through portfolios before finding Alexa's site. I was instantly struck: her work is simply (if you'll excuse the pun) head and shoulders above other photographers'. She delivers such a variety of shots that really shows off an actor's professional range. She's wonderfully personable, so the shoot was great fun and left me feeling inspired. I was only at the studio for an hour but I came out with a large number of great images. She's absolutely accommodating of your every need -- I can't recommend her enough.” Zoe Stegosaurus, Actor

“I just love them! I am so so glad that I got to meet you and work with you!!XX” Hi Alexa, Thank you so so much!! I love them! So happy i finally got to work with you!! ‘I have got so many jobs from your pictures!! Sophie x Sophie Bryant,Dancer/Model

Barbara Gianazza @barbaragianazza Feb 04 @apwildingphoto I took my headshots to the TV Globo new talents' casting director and she LOVED them! Can't thank you enough!! Barbara Gianazza, Actor

"marialago @merylake_ Did u know #headshot sessions can be #funand relaxed? We even had #ChrisPine visit! Thanks Alexa! @apwildingphoto #acting#dance #CastingThanks for the pics, they look sogood it took me forever to decide! Loving them! Thanks a lot for your super goodvibes at the session!" Maria Lago, Actor

The pictures have done magic so far and I shall shortly be shooting a very high budgeted movie.!” Sonja Sobel, Actor

“I am absolutely in awe! “They look absolutely amazing! Never had such great headshots. You are a star!!! Once again a big thank you!I had a great time working with you and definitely will be back for more ;) Best wishes,Maresa xx “Maresa Schick, Actor

“This shot got me a tv casting yesterday!...I am really thrilledwith them! Really lovely to meet you and thanks for such a fun shoot! “ Jennifer Hanah, Actor

“OHH MY Goodness!!!!!!!! These Photos are amazing you're Amazingreally love your work how fab!!!!”Noni Harrison, Actor

"Since having the shots I’ve booked a prime time TV show, a big theatre job, 8 commercials and 3 corporates! Thank you so so much! You really are awesome and your work speaks for itself. I'm recommending you to everyone! I LOVE THEM!!" Tibu Fortes, Actor

“I would like to tell you that i am so impressed and happy about the pictures, i am feeling like in love with your excellent job to be honest with you. … I am so happy about your work, the images look amazingand i really appreciate that.... ,you really helped me to feel comfortable before and after the shoot. Papis Faye, Actor

“My agent isvery pleased with the shots and so am I!” Thank you! I am very happy to have the opportunity to work withyou and I’m sure we will work together in the future” Andrei Satalov, Actor

“You aresuch a rock star Alexa!! ….I had such a great experience with that photo shoot Ihave passed your details on to a number of actors looking to re-do theirheadshots. Vicky xx” Vicky Wright, Actor/MotionCapture Specialist

“I'm thrilled with Alexa's work! She instantly put me at ease, and frankly made the shoot a fun experience. The clear direction she gave me, coupled with her strong shooting skills, left me spoilt for choice with some awesome shots. Thank you Alexa! Actors seeking headshots: I recommend @apwildingphoto - very talented & super fun to work with!" Sanjivi Krishnan, Actor/Writer

“LOVE the shots…So many lovely jobs ( Holby City! ) have come from your headshot! I’ve been seen a lot for film and TV. Had some fab meetings and they literally came about days after your new headshot went up! Literally had on average 2/3 auditions a week since! Thanks so much. I am recommending you a lot and even my agency are as well. They loved the pics!” Ellie Fanyinka, Actor

“Where do I start? The whole experience was fantastic from start to finish. As soon as you meet Alexa your nerves eases lightly and you realise ... this could be fun! The studio is great, a corner for hair and make up, music on, so you get that photo shoot vibe and a spacefull of atmosphere. Before I knew it, my nerves had disappeared and I was ready to take some snaps. Alexa really is a professional, knowing when to capture the best bits of your personality and presence in the photos. If it isn't working, she will quickly move on and find the best in you. I had the short shoot with no Session Fee and I cannot recommend this lady enough, take advantages of her amazing offers! The images came through quickly and to a high standard. This shoot was by far the best I have over the course of my career. What are you waiting for? BOOK NOW!” Shereen Roushbaiani, Actor

“I was just standing by a wall, minding my business during her shoot, but she made me look like I should be acting opposite Taraji P.Henson on Empire (after all, Cookie's gonna need a new bodyguard, right?!). To my London Acting folk who need headshots, give her a shout.” Brian Appiah Obeng, Actor

"Alexa is a photographer I would trust every time to do my headshots. She makes you relaxed and brings out the best of her subjects." ... “..just to let you know one of your headshots has got me a booking so thanks again for your work. Nice to know a director wanted me because of your brilliant shot! xx” Martin Robinson, Actor

"As group admin I'd like to highly recommend APWilding Photography for your headshots. Alexa went above and beyond to make sure I (and my agent) were happy with the final shots. The session is super relaxed and she takes great care to listen to your needs. Thank you Alexa!” Lauren Steenholdt, Actor/Writer

"This lady is an inspiration ... I had a session with her on Saturday and the results are awesome. I'm an older actress (54) and have struggled to get good head shots - now I won't be using anyone else. This is a brilliant deal -you don't pay anything out until you see the pics - and then, like me, you will have trouble trying to choose the best ones as they're all so good!" Sally Bosman, Actor

"Daniel Skinner commented on your photo in Actors UK. “…nice photos. whos the good looking bloke in the middle. haha oh yeah its me. this is without doubt a great photo of me taken by a caring professional photographer” Daniel Skinner, Actor

"Thank you Alexa for a wonderful photo shoot. I knew I was in safe hands before we met but I really appreciated your energy and direction on the day and felt completely at ease. It is so important to have a headshot that will make you stand out from the crowd. I've worked with some great photographers who produced lovely images, but perhaps not that all important 'money shot' (you know it when you see it) that captures the real you as well as suggesting the types of characters you can play. I feel I got that and the wide range of photos will open up new role types and casting opportunities for me. Jenna x” Jenna Sharpe, Actor

"I had a wonderful headshot experience with Alexa. I instantly felt relaxed and the two hour shoot flew by. If you want beautiful headshots that still look like YOU then I definitely recommend her!" Alana Armstrong, Actor

"My head shot session with Alexa was a wonderful surprise. Despite being an actor, I sometimes feel quite self-conscious having my photo taken. Alexa was friendly and patient and created a very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I felt like I had a lot of time to do all of my clothing choices and I never felt rushed. After the shoot, when I looked through the photos, I was delighted! They came out better than I could have hoped for and since uploading them to my spotlight I have had two castings" Rebecca Darmody, Actor

"Absolutely loved my head shot session with Alexa - best photographer I have worked with and extremely pleased with the results. She really took the time to get to know me and what I wanted from the session and made me feel very comfortable and at ease throughout the shoot." Amy Raine Jackson, Actor

"AP Wilding provided one the best photo sessions I have experienced. I usually hate having my photo taken but Alexa made me feel extremely comfortable and made the time we had together such fun! And the photos themselves, I couldn't believe it, but I loved them! I couldn't believe I was saying that about my own photos but I did really love them. They fitted the criteria I wanted perfectly, she knew exactly what I wanted and provided. I cannot rave about AP Wilding enough!" Leah Lowry-Johns, Actor

"From the moment we met for coffee to discuss ideas for my ("More than a Headshot" ) shoot, I knew that I had made the right decision in choosing Alexa to shoot with. She has a very personal approach when photographing actors and knows exactly how to create shots that stand out from the rest. Alexa's passion and professionalism made the experience all the more enjoyable and I would definitely recommend her to any actor wishing to have some truly unique headshots. "Lela Moutsakis, Actor

"I had an amazing time shooting ("More than a Headshot") with the lovely Alexa. I was quite nervous before going, but when I got there she made me feel very relaxed and confident, as part of a team. And she was even playing music which I loved! During the shoot she knew very well how to bring out certain emotions from me, to capture in the shots. I absolutely love the result of the unique pictures, she managed to give me so many different looks which is very useful for an actors/actress portfolio and she managed to capture my beauty by making me feel confident." Mimmi Marie, Actor

"Alexa was a pleasure to work with. In addition to that perfect headshot, I needed extra photos to show various character types. I was amazed at the number and variety of looks we were able to get in a short space of time. I would definitely recommend her to other actors who need professional headshots." Eve Levic, Actor

"I find headshot sessions difficult usually but Alexa put me completely at ease and actually got me enjoying the session, which is a miracle! And it really shows in the results. Alexa was friendly, patient, and responded to me as an individual, tailoring the shape of the session to get the best out of me and also to make sure I got what I needed in terms of the results. She has worked within the industry for years so she really knew what she was doing. Highly recommended!" Chloe Orrock, Actor

"Highly recommended. Alexa immediately put me at ease, and after a good chat over a cuppa about what I wanted to achieve we had a really productive session creating a range of character looks. I felt like we were a team and I'm really pleased with what we achieved." Andrew Candish, Actor

"Fantastic session with Alexa. She really puts you at your ease and works with you to get a range of different looks which still reflect the 'real you.' Definitely the most enjoyable session I've ever had, and within a few days I had a great range of pictures to choose from. The online viewing and ordering system is really easy to use, and I'm thrilled with the final shots. Value for money is outstanding - highly recommended!" Colleen Prendergast, Actor

"Even though I hadn't intended to spend as much money the deal is really generous and judging from the feedback from friends there's a surprisingly wide choice!" Bobby Jeffrey, Opera Singer.

"The session was great and I can heartily recommend the very excellent A P Wilding. Alexa puts you at your ease (being an actress herself she knows how we feel as actors, models, etc.) and is very professional in her approach. There was a great range of shots to choose from - Alexa gets the very best out of you and I can guarantee you will be pleased with the results. Go see! "Steven Langley, Actor.

“Thank you so much for the headshots, they are really fantastic thank you!!!!! I've had lots of auditions booked already! I will definitely recommend you to my friends, and I'm sure I'll be back for more at some point Thanks so much! X” Annie Caro, Ballet Dancer

“Everyone I have shown them too so far have agreed they are my best set yet - so thanks very much. And yes, I hope we work together again in the future too. Best wishes Lianne x” Lianne Tucker, Actor

“Dear Alexa, Love love loooooooooove them. THEY ARE AMAZING!!!!! Thank you so much. I feel so relieved as I know that I have now a photographer that I can trust and always return to. I had a very good day and this mostly due to your beautiful pictures. xxx” Sonja Zobel, Actor.

“They are wonderful Thank you for doing such an amazing job! I am really very happy with the result!. They are amazing, I would love to come to you again - if you worked such magic in half an hour, I cannot imagine what would the effect be after a longer session! Thank you so much. All the best, Karolina” Karolina Majcher, Actor

“Thank you! For restoring my faith in photographers and the beautiful shots! X” Kat Duynstee, Actor

“Wow! I’m humbled…you are a genius! Thank you SO much! There are so many shots that I love! Speak to you soon to book another shoot. Thank you again!” Sandy Slade, Actor

“This is the headshot of dreams!!! You have no idea how much work this shot alone has landed me, even up till now! Simply genius A P Wilding!!!” Sophia-Louise De Lancey, Model

“Firstly, absolutely thrilled with the snaps. I've had three lots of headshots done in the past and none compare. Tracey agreed that you made it so easy and she's happy with hers also. If you smell a testimonial in the air, you need only ask!” Ioan Gwyn, Actor.

“I keep telling everyone how brilliant you are! I've got 2 auditions since sending out my new photo and today I did a recall for one of them. Thanks so much for doing them so beautifully. I'll keep recommending you whenever I can!” Jo Ashe, Actor

“Hi Alexa, you saw all the comments on FB I got re your pictures! All said how beautiful they look! Yay! I recommended you twice this weekend by the way… Go to Alexa she will make you look a million dollars” Christin Prustel, Actor

"I had a wonderful headshot experience with Alexa. I instantly felt relaxed and the two hour shoot flew by. If you want beautiful headshots thatstill look like YOU then I definitely recommend her! "Alana Armstrong, Actor

“Thanks so much for these. Am delighted with the results. Really enjoyed the other day, you made it very easy. I will be recommending you to everyone!” Sharon Sexton, Singer.

“I love them!! Thank you for a such a fantastic shoot. I really enjoyed it and you were a breath of fresh headshot air! You're literally the best - so happy I found you!! X” Sarah Bryan, Actor

“Thank you so much for the gallery -it is really excellent and I'm so happy with the photos Thank you so much for your hard workand for making the experience really enjoyable. Needless to say I am very pleased with the results and will happily recommend you to my friends!” Alicia Gurney, Classical Singer

“Had an absolute blast! Had such a great time at the shoot and felt so comfortable. Thanks so much for the pictures - they are really great… Love them… Loved working with you and hope we can again in the future. Nicole xxx” Nicole Cato, Dancer

“…Was lovely working with you, you made me feel at ease!… Had an amazing time… Loved the shots we got! x” Ella Davison, Miss Universe GB 2015 Contestant

“Alexa they are all amazing! …They are awesome! You are amazing! Thankyou so much love them all!” Alma Alvarez, Actor

“Hi! I just wanted to say a HUGE thank you for todays photo session – I had a blast and never felt more relaxed during a shoot! EVER!! Our 40 mins or so flew past… could’ve been there all day! Much love Maria x”..."Thank you for my lovely photos and for sending them over so quickly….just in time for my Spotlight membership renewal as well. Images are really lovely…. I am getting flooded with compliments! :) So thank you! Anyway thanks again… and hopefully we can work again real soon! :) All the best Maria Jose x” Maria Jose Bavio, Classical Singer

“Thankyou so much for all of your help and it was so so lovely meeting and working with you. I really appreciate everything and I love the images!... Im so happy – they are great! Thank you so much. Thank you to Alexa Wilding who was the most amazing and loveliest photographer. Xx” Tara Dykes, Actor

“Hi Alexa, Thank you so so much for these! They are great and I am very happy with them! Thanks again - I had a wonderfully relaxed morning, and here's hoping they do the job. Thanks Alexa – really enjoyed it!” Caryl Hughes, Singer

“I just have to really emphasize how PLEASED I am with these shots and all of them in general really! These are literally exactly what I was looking for and it was so lovely to meet you andwork with you. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I will definitely recommend you to everyone I can :) “ Grace Lewis, Actor/Singer

“I had a great time working with you!...Thank you so much for getting them to me so fast and they are all gorgeous.. I'm so happy with these and have passed your details on to my friend who is also an actress. Thank you so much!”Tamara Camacho, Actor/Singer

“I LOVE them…Lovely shots! ....very Game of Thrones strong!” Emily Outred, Actor

“Love them! Wow they look amazing… I loved the shoot – you’re such a fun person, made it easier for me to chill and relax! Xx”Taz Singh, Actor

“I think they're great! Very happy with them! Thank you very much for such a great session and great results! All the best,Sarah X Sarah Moon, Actor

“ I really enjoyed yesterday – thanks for making it so relaxed and lovely too”…“Thanks so much for these Alexa. I absolutely love them. Thanks again for being so wonderful” Tom Gadie, Actor

I was in an audition yesterday and they kept repeating on how good it is and how much it looks like me too. So I can't thank you enough, your photography is helping to open doors,and I feel really confident using it which is so important!Also I'm currently searching for new representation and I've had lots of positive responses sofar, the headshot really gets their attention." Hayley Powell, Actor

"Alexa I'm absolutely in love with these...THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL. Thank you!!!! it was such a relief to final work with someone who goes the extra mile to make sure you look and feel gorgeous before the shoot and interacts with you the whole way through making sure you are ok and happy. It was the first time I’ve ever walked away from a shoot smiling and knowing Im going to love the pics! Thank you so much. Alexa, you really are one of a kind…. amazing woman!... I'm keeping you for life" xx Charlie Bond, Actor

“Hi Alexa! Just wanted to say thank you! I'm so please with my headshots because my last ones, I never thought they looked like me, and it made me so stressed showing them to agents, but with the photos I took with you I'm so pleased with. I think they look lovely....+ I think they look like me ! All best and thanks x" Johanna Lowenborg, Actor

“It was really a pleasure working with you Alexa. Thank you so much for all these amazing pictures… really not that easy to decide when there are so many gorgeous ones. I can't wait to show them to my Agent and to start using them. I've already recommended you to lots of friends and family.I'm really happy to finally have a great variety of looks and expressions for headshots!” Simone Schmidt, Actor

Was just contacted for a commercial from my headshot on your page! Booked for filming Saturday - Boom! “Cleo Jaeger, Actor

Guys and Girls if you want an awesome photographer she's the one! Had such a great time shooting these!"...“Thanks again for the amazing photos, it's been an absolute pleasure.” ....."Fantastic photographer! Such fun to work with...HIGHLY RECOMMEND!! Beautiful images! x "Jamie Alexander Scott, Actor/Singer

“Thank you for the amazing shoot the other day. I really enjoyed it and had so much fun working with you. I'm so glad I found you because your shooting style and short but targeted sessions definitely fill a gap in the UK! xx” Vanessa Zachos, Actor

“I absolutely, absolutely love them…as does everyone on Holby…They are so beautiful. Once again Alexa, I really don't know how to thank you enough”…“The images are absolutely stunning!“… “Alexa it was an absolute pleasure! Thank you so, so much. Couldn’t have imagined a more fun, relaxed shoot. Thank you so, so much again.xx”Niamh Walsh, Actor

“Shot a fantastic session @apwildingphoto today. Great photographer! I seriously can't wait to show you all the new shots. Watch this space!”...“Oh my god! I love them!!! Thank you!!!” My agent and friends love them too. I'm so happy with our work and already have other jealous actors here complaining how they could never get headshots like this in the states" Rupert Simonian, Actor

“I’m so pleased with them Alexa! And so is my agent! Thanks again.x” Thank you SO much Alexa, I'm super happy with them! You made me look like me (but obviously better ;)) I will totally recommend you and look forward to working with you again in the future.Many again,Fran x” Francesca Thakorlal, Actor/Singer/Dancer

“I LOVE THEM…Thank you so much. I think you are terrific. Really enjoyed the session. You are wonderful at putting people at ease and capturing their best. Hurrah! Thank you so much again. Louise x” Louise Hooper, Director

"The definition of value for money, the person in the picture is 100% me...Quiet simply - they look like me! Completely. Perrrrfect! x”Zayne Iyani, Actor

“Just to say I had the most amazing time today! You put me at ease instantly and I loved your direction – very happy!...“Awesome headshots! Thank you so much!!! You’re amazing!”Annika Murfitt, Actor ( Winner of Starnow Headshot Competition 2015 )

“Thanks for making if feel so much less daunting…These came out even better than I could've hoped for. Thank you somuch. It's also so helpful having your faves picked out as I tend to have adifficult time selecting images of myself. Thank you so so so much for these and for the experience, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I don't think I've ever been this happy to stare at my own face! haha.” Sonia Irabor, Actor

“I'm so pleased with them, and so happy to have worked with you :)” I have decide to go for 10 images as it was getting too hard to choosefive. ….thanks for making itall feel so easy – you’re the best! Michaela “ Michaela Guibarra, Actor

“Thanks SO much for working yourmagic with me for the shoot, and then retouching them exactly how I needed themfor Lamda - really appreciate it, and love the image I've picked. Our industry person also loved the shots and asked for your details so I have passed them onto her along with a rave review of you. Chloe Orrock, Actor

She doesn't usually find them fun butshe says you were so friendly, happy and funny. You made her feel reallyspecial and made her feel beautiful. She says if you need a girl for any photosin the future she would be more than happy to come along. Thank you for makingmy daughter so animated about having her headshots done! Take care,Rachel- AND TIA xx Rachel Shenton - Parent to child actor.

“I just love them all! x I've been training/working at an acting studio and had some awesome responses from other actors and the coach about my new headshots. All said my casting type was Games of Thrones and CSI/SCI FI type roles. So I feel like I'm now on the right track and I have yourself to thank for contributing to that.” Lela Jas, Actor

“Loving them! Never loved a headshot before! … Thanks so much, you are by far the most lovely photographer to work with and I'm so pleased with the results. “Claire Kahane, Actor

"Brilliantly fun shoot this weekend with the amazing @apwildingphoto and one kooky little girl! "Lumia Ahmed, parent to child actor

"THESE ARE STUNNING !!!...absolutely adore them. You're a genius.… thank you so so so much, they're really breathtaking!!" Niamh Walsh, Actor

"I absolutely love them!!! Thanks so much Alexa!! Absolutely loved the session and feeling really confident about the photos. Seriously a huge thank you! I really love them! " Suzy Halstead, Ballet Dancer/Singer

"I loved today – I’ll recommend you to everyone…I love them…You're so great to work with." Callum Kerr, Actor

"Thank you for the photos they are lovely!!!…I am SOO happy with them,Thank you so much for all your help and guidance…Thank you so much again, I'm super happy :) My agents love them and really think its going to make a difference on the job front. I really appreciate it :). Laura-May Houghton, Dancer

When @apwildingphoto is WAY too good at her job and makes final image selection SUPER difficult! ..."Thanks so much again! I've recommended you to EVERYONE! :) "Charleen Meredith, Actor

“Thank you for yourwork, your passion is in every frame ...Thank you somuch for your time and expertise. Its a lovely experience being with you.You’re my photographer for life – kids, grandkids, empire! Much love Ayeshaxxx” Ayesha Malik, Life Coach

“I thought it would be more stressful than it was but I thoroughly enjoyed it! Thanks for taking some great pics!.... It was a pleasure meeting you and thanks for taking great pictures.Phani Ankam, Software Engineer

“I love them! Really delighted with them, thank you.”Juliet Walker, Psychotherapist

Thank you so much for the final headshots - they are absolutely gorgeous, and I'm over the moon with them! I've sent them onto my agents and I'm sure they'll be delighted as well. …I'm SO happy with how they turned out!” They ( agents ) loved them! …. Had a fantastic time with the fabulous A P Wilding Photography! Such an incredible photographer, and person! Charlotte Elizabeth Yorke, Actor

“Thank you Alexa – you made a potential nervous situation glorious! You are kind and generous!! A fab photographer! You create a wonderful atmosphere! A joy! Thank you –Paul X” Paul Clarke, Opera Singer

i can't recommend @apwildingphoto highly enough. if you need a headshot and hate the strange process she will sort you out #headshots #vibeThey are really lovely. Thank you so much. You are very wonderful.Helena Rice, Actor/Writer

“Have narrowed it down to like 35 pics! Thanks for the great pics, you are the reason its hard work ! I have already recommended you X” i love them. Thank you so much! i really hope my friends use you too, i will definitely return xx new headshots from the uber talented AP Wilding .Kirsty Bascombe, Actor/Singer

“I’ve worked with photographers in NYC, LA and some others in London and you are the best!” Moira Dennis, Actor

“YAY!!!! THANKS SO MUCH!! My agent was really pleased!!! What a lovely headshot photographer AP Wilding is...highly recommend!Laurel Dougall, Actor“They're great thank you! X”Flossie Golightly, Actor

" just wanted to write to say thanks for today, you really put me at ease and I’m sure got the best out of me. I appreciate your professionalism and am looking forward to seeing the photos.”Andrew Martin, Phychotherapist

“New pictures!! Thank you, lovely and beautiful AP Wilding for the photos” Pasi Remsu, Actor

“You’re spectacular! I was able to trust you and the shots look like me! Its perfect! … Love the shots - they are so great – seriously couldn’t be happier! … I'm super positive I'll get the work I want using these new shots!” Claire Lenahan, Actor

“Such lovely images - virtually impossible to choose!...thank you for all your help, you've been brilliant and are clearly amazing at what you do!!” Anne McHale, Master of Wine

“I love your work so much, and I really can't believe some of the stuff you captured in me!Thanks again SO MUCH! I'm SO excited!!!”Sasha Cowell, Opera Singer

“ I LOVE these! I am insanely happy!!! Happy I picked you!! YOU ROCK !!! Cora Anne X”Cora Williams, Actor

“Thank you so much again for a great shoot, I'm really pleased with how they turned out! I'll definitely be coming back for my next shoot!”Luke James, Actor

“The shots are absolutely fab! Thank you for giving me so many to choose from! You are just too good!! head-shot experience with you has been wonderful! I love the shots and can't wait to start my applications with them.I look forward to working with you again in the future.Thanks so much again,All the best,Charlotte xx" Charlotte Raimes, Actor

“Really pleased with how they turned out! My agent is really pleased with the shots by the way so I will definitely recommend you and have told them to recommend you to other actors that may be needing head shots!... You're amazing thank you x" Lily Read, Actor

“Finally got myself some new headshots and I was lucky enough to get them done by the lovely AP Wilding! So pleased with them and would highly recommend her to any performers looking for a session”Portia Criswick, Actor

“I love them!!! Thank you so much – they are fab!...just sent one of the shots to my agent, she replied “LOVE IT!!!” Hooray!x" Louise Tyler, Actor

“Thay are perfect and I absolutely love them!...very difficult to choose from as they are all great.Thank you so much for the session; had such a fantastic time!”Veronica Osimani, Actor represented by Steve Nealon Associates

“I was lucky enough to win this session with A P Wilding through Starnow! I really enjoyed having my headshots taken in such a relaxed and professional environment. Alexa made me feel so welcome and encouraged me to feel completely at ease in front of the camera. I would highly recommend Alexa to anyone who wants stand out from the crowd with some amazing headshots.”Rebecca Ingram, Actor ( Winner of 2016 Starnow Headshot Comp )

"“Thank you so much for making me feel so welcome and relaxed, it was a pleasure!... the images are fantastic and it was so lovely working with you! I loved most of them but think you've clearly got an amazing eye for this as I totally agree with the choices you made in the 'my faves' album." Sophie Atalar, Classical Singer

“Thank you so much for everything!! There are some really lovely shots and wonderfully creative direction on your part! Your professionalism, spark and warmth make you such a delight to work with!” Renae Adams, Actor

“ I think you’re bloody marvellous…Thanks so much i really love the pictures! Thanks so much again for your great work.”Katie Cotterell, Actor

“OH MY GOD! They are even better than I could have hoped!LOVED working with you! I know it was only a couple of hours but I felt so comfortable with you (as if we were old friends in fact) and I cannot praise your work enough. Already spreading the word about you. I was on a class this week and showed the other actors the final images today and they were blown away!We will work together again.Thanks so much again and continue with your stunning work. XX” Malcolm Jeffries, Actor

“Your awesomeness is rivalled by no one!” Thank you so much Alexa! The shots look fabulous." Thomas Ray, Actor

“Thank you for a brilliant shoot today, I think you’ve got some amazing photos…really excited to see them” These photos are great! these look so fantastic. " Alexander Campkin, Composer

"Just a little bit more headshot love, because why not?! So grateful to@apwildingphotography - total superhero with a camera! SO overwhelmingly happy with my incredible headshots by @apwildingphotography!“ I had the best day and it really spurred me on! I absolutely love the photos - they're amazing.!” I was incredibly impressed with AP Wilding - I have never felt so connected to the photographer shooting me, and I have had incredibly compliments about my headshots since” Annabel McCandless, Actor

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